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A big sincere thank you for all the well wishes. I do feel guilty though about posting my good news when other member's who have been there for me are receiving news that may not be so good. They struggle everyday while my days are better because I was lucky enough to have mine discovered early by accident. This disease is really not fair at all !!!

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Bruce do not feel guilty at all. This is why. When we hear bad news it brings us down. I have been there so I know! it makes us think things are getting bleak but then someone comes along and posts up some good personal news and its like lighting a candle. It brightens things, gives us a renewed energy and keep us going. ITsw good to hear good news adn be able to cheer cause then some one else down the road gets good news and it just kinda keeps going. We have to have the good and the Bad also. Yes its a vicious circle!!

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As usual I am late to the party, sorry I was tardy! CONGRATULATIONS Bruce - you know I am so darn happy for the great results.

As to the feeling guilty thing - I can totally relate. I know it is difficult to feel totally carefree and happy with good results when so many others struggle and receive bad news after bad news. You and I were so fortunate to have this wretched cancer discovered early - accident's happen and in our case it was to our benefit. I too, felt huge survivor's guilt and didn't really enjoy posting my good results here. After a great deal of soul searching though, I believe that if I am ever in the situation of the shoe being on the other foot (and there are no guarantees of continued good news when it comes to this disease) I would rejoice that there can be positive outcomes for some. So, I have let go of the guilt and replaced it with "sorrow" that not every one receives good news...I will be right there crying with the bad news and jumping for joy with the good news. Right now, I am jumping and I thank you for sharing your excellent news.

Take care my Northern buddy,


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