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What grief has taught me - as it applies to today

Nick C

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So my grandmother (father's mother) passed away last night.

I am so sorry for my dad my aunt and my uncle. Because this is their mother. "She lived a good life" "She's better off" " well she was 94" and "you were lucky to have her as long as you did" do not apply.

It was their mom.

So today when I see them, I'll just say, "I know you are sad...it's you mom."

At least we have that benefit...kinda knowing what to say. Don't we?

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So sorry for your family's loss. When Mom was going through her fight I told my siblings that I realized something. I realized that, now, when other people tell us they know someone going through cancer or whatever it may be I really feel for them from a deeper, different place. My heart breaks for them because I know what it is like to feel those feelings. Not that I didn't truely feel for other people when they were going through things, I did. It is just different now. I guess it is kind of a gift that we can offer our understanding.

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Nick, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. It seems such a short time since your mother passed, and you and your family have to suffer another loss so soon. Yes, you are right. Knowing what to say is a lesson hard learned, but your father and aunt and uncle will be the beneficiary.

Peace to you and your family, Judy in Key West

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Nick....so very sorry for your loss. When it comes to losing someone we love, age never makes a difference, as we never have them with us long enough. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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