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I had a concerned member contact me about the confidentiality of PMs and here was my answer. It was suggested that I post this here so that you guys know that your PMs ARE totally confidential unless an official complaint and investigation ensue. Here was my answer. I hope this lets you rest easy

PMs are confidential.

The only thing administrators (those with orange names) can do is delete

or move posts from every forum. They can't do ANYTHING other than that

even though they have that "title". And I know some of them think they have

admin "rights" but they have none other than what a regular moderator

does (except they can do it in every forum)

The only person that can access behind the scenes and delete people,

modify the programming or "look" at PMs is ME. And that process of

weeding out PMs and writing the program to read a specific persons PMs

takes a couple of days of programming (A LOT of time) and I've only done

it one time in 6 years (2005) when a member was making death

threats and harrassing comments against me and a few other members. I needed proof to show the police.

There's no simple way for me to just click open up the system and read

everyone's daily PMs.

SO, that said, please be assured that no one is reading PMs and that

they ARE confidential!!

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