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survivor of 3b lung cancer,without surgery and older 65-


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Dear Members, Sister has 3b lung cancer,squamous had 6 rounds of chemo stable. Will rest 1 month,65 yrs old NSCLC. Anyone went through this, and got good results from when went back on chemo? Wanting to not eat have something to do with cancer, or stopping chemo you don't want to eat so much or is it both? Is it normal lossing weight while going through this,or does this mean she's doing bad? Is their a pill to make her eat more, or I should I not worry so much. She has diabetes, and lymph node measures 1.4 now after chemo was 1.5 before. Took Taxol/Carboplatin, low dose. Please give me feedback,and if you need more information let me know.

Love, Teardrop

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Hello Teardrop

I can't really give you a lot of advice but yes there are things that your sisters doctor can give her to help with the appetite. If you are near her try making her some of her favorite foods, keep finger foods nearby so she can nibble on them throughout the day.

Boost or Ensure are great ways to add calories but with her being diabetic the sugar free versions would most likely be better for her. (Glucerna is one and it comes in a variety of flavors..)

I am sure the others will be along soon to offer more adivce.. Please keep posting and let us know how your sister AND YOU are doing.



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Not eating is probably related to the chemo. If so, her appetite might get better soon. Suggests lots of small meals (snacks) instead of 3 big ones. Look for high calorie "comfort" foods - ice cream, mashed potatoes, puddings.

Be sure that her doctor knows about her loss of appetite and weight.


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