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So many alternatives- how do you know?


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How do you decide what might be helpful and what might not and how do you say no to caring people who often haven’t researched the product or treatment but just heard about it? Let me know your experiences.

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It's just really tough to get enough information to make informed decisions sometimes, it seems to me. My vitamin D research was typical. When I was researching ways of reducing the chance of a cancer recurrence, I was surprised to find a study that showed that vitamin D levels had even more impact on whether or not lung cancer would recur than even adjuvant chemotherapy!

Living in Texas and being outdoors quite a bit, cycling and fishing, I figured I got lots of vitamin D from the sun much of the year. But I went ahead and added a vitamin D supplement during the cooler months when I get less sun.

Now, more detailed results of that study have been made public, showing the main vitamin D improvement happened in women and young people, and there was pretty much no improvement among older men. DOH!!!! I wish they had told me that in the beginning...

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I think the MOST important thing to remember about supplements/vitamins/herbs of any kind is to be sure and discuss ANYTHING thing you plan to start taking with your doctors. The risk of an adverse reaction is always a concern and some supplements can even interfere with some chemo.

It's so tempting to just start taking supplements because they are "natural" but so many times that's not enough to make them safe.

It's best to err on the side of caution and discuss things with your doctor than run into potentially serious consequences ....



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