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Getting to Know You - Monday, November 24


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A lot. Basically I am lucky that both of my children are doing fine, better than I am. So I am doing a memory Christmas - not presents. I am taking my son and his family to a 76'ers basketball game and we are sitting in the cheap seats.

These 4 kids have EVERYTHING - and I have been disappointed how casual they have been about my presents.

Am doing more for charity. My Woman's club adopted three families. My neighborhood is doing stockings for children in the hospital. I have a 5 year old boy. Took my 5 year old grandson shopping as a consultant. Such fun. Book club is having a library fund raiser at our Dec. meeting.

Where I work all of the office people give all of the office people presents. Have gotten a lot of crappola thru the years. This year I convinced everyone to do a Pollyanna. Yeah, a lot cheaper and everyone will get something they want since they write some things down.

For too many years I thought that Christmas meant the quantity of presents. Ain't so.

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The economy, coupled with being unemployed for six months of this year, has really changed my spending habits this year. I haven't even been thinking much about gift giving but have been concentrating on paying bills. I think our family will buy gifts for the grandchildren, as little ones and toys just seem to go hand-in-hand. If I do have money left over for gifts, I can assure you they will be very practical ones.

Like my friend, Ginny, I have been doing quite a bit of volunteering and trying to make the holidays brighter for those less fortunate than I am. For months, I have been working on various fundraisers to raise money for the children in our community that will have little or nothing for Christmas. This party will be held on December 13th and I hope we can bring a lot of joy into some little hearts.

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