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We are home, thank God....


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Hi Everyone,

It has been a very hard two weeks. We got home last Tuesday evening and Buddy is really glad to be home. It has been a very hard operation this time. He is not recovering very fast. Of course that is to be expected for what he has been through.

I spent everyday and night with him except one so I to was happy to get home to my bed at night.

The tumor to the colon was not a second primary as they had hoped. It came from the lung. Per the surgeon and the chemo onc it is rare that lung cancer mets to the colon. they biopsy the liver and there are two mets there also. They could not get all the cancer from the colon because of something to do with it growing on some wall in the colon I believe. I have not as yet seen the report from the surgeon but will get a copy when we go back for a checkup. The surgeon said that Buddy cannot go through anymore operations for his body would not be able to stand it. He is not so sure that the remaining cancer will not do the same thing again in the colon given time. He said to pray for a miracle.

Will not be able to be on here as much as in the past for I want to be with Buddy in his waking hours as much as possible. When he naps will try to catch up on the so posts if possible.

I sure hope all of you are living each day to the fullest. We all need to do that. don't put off to do tomorrow, do it today...that is all any of us has....God love all of you....

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Hi Norme,

Welcome! So glad to see you back!

I am very sorry about Buddy. I do hope and pray that he has a speedy and easy recovery from the surgery. Hopefully being at home will help.

I do not have anything to offer but prayers. I hope and pray that the two of you will have the most cherished time together for as long as time permits it. You have been an exemplary wife to Buddy.

Please take time to rest also and take care of yourself.

Praying for miracles,


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Norme I'm so glad to have you back!! and I will take your advice that you just gave us all!! Also I put a post for you on the one you responded to of mine. "Visit with Oncologist" So I won't write a alot more stuff here in this one.. Take Care and Take care of Buddy and tell him I am praying for both of you!!

Love and Hugs!!


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Norme and Buddy,

I was sure hoping for better news for you both. I am glad you are home now though and I do take your advise. Everyday I am glad to wake up in the morning and to see my kids. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.

The saying goes, yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, so use to today because it is a present.

Much Love,


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Glad to hear you and Buddy are home. I am so sorry that Buddy had to go through another operation. Praying that everything stays stable and he will start getting stronger and better. God's speed in his healing. Take care of yourself also. Prayers for you both...

God Bless


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Hi Norme,

So sorry to hear that is id that stinkin lung cancer again. What is their plan of action, more chemotherapy when he feels better I assume. The CPT-11 sounds like a good choice based on what he has been on, you may want to ask about that. You also may want to call the chemo oncologist to decide what he will go on next, so that you guys at least know whatv the plans are and have them set up for when he is feeling better.

Let me know whats up..



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Hi Norme,

Glad you and Buddy are home again. Sorry to hear how hard the last two weeks were. Wishing you and Buddy all the best in this holiday season. My prayers are with you and Buddy. Peace, take care and God Bless.



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Norme, thank you for the update on your/our Buddy. Drop a note, here and there, if you can. We understand your need and desire to be with

Buddy right now. We are always here, waiting.

I am sorry that you didn't get better news after Buddys surgery. I will pray for a miracle.

In the mean time, there are many prayers being said for you both, and please know that I think about you and Buddy often. I really feel that if we lived nearby, we'd be friends; I just know my mom and dad would love you and Buddy-you remind me so much of my family.

In the mean time, try to take care of yourself, too. We love you both. Take care, Deb

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I am sorry the news was not as good as hoped for but I do know the power of prayer can change it so you have my prayers along with the others here. I have a couple of bucks to throw in the "Island" kitty! Just pick someplace with warm trade winds and wonderful beaches!!

God Bless,


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I was so glad to see your posting. I saw you were on the chat line last week so tried to get on last night in case you were there but wasn't successful. So sorry the news about Buddy isn't any better but I still believe that prayers may at least slow down the growth. Surely he will feel better now that he is at home and we know you provide him with the best of care. Remember that you must take care of yourself too and that is hard to do.

As always you are both in my prayers several times daily.

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