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FIVES: Wednesday, 11/26


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1. The enormous charges on my new 'free' roof are going to be billed over many months.

2. The whole kit and kaboodle family together tomorrow.

3. My daughter always calling me first when she is bored.

4. Having a job in today's economy

5. My golf clubs still out in the hope that there may be a day warm enough to play.

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Being on this side of the daisies this morning.

Snowflake, I am borrowing this for my #1. I LOVE IT!

2. My funky mental and physical fog is lifting.

3. The damx tree is almost fluffed.

4. Not having to cook tomorrow or any day I don't want to.

5. I have friends tomorrow to fill in the hole the absence of family leaves.

Judy in Key West

P.S. Snowflake, I'm struggling these days to come up with five once a day, can't manage it twice a day.

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