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Update on Suki - UPDATED 12/3/08


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12/3 UPDATE - True to form, Suki came through brain surgery like a walk in the park. She was passing mental acuity exams an hour after they woke her up and wiggling all extremities. She had a fever that needed to be watched closely but never went dangerously high, and is now gone. She feels pretty good, but for a headache (I'll say!) and her spirits are high. We all note the difference between how we feel after this surgery than we did after her lung surgery: we know this is only the beginning of this leg of the race, it's not quite as satisfying. Still, we're thrilled she came through so well, the biggest tumor is gone and she's healing well. She should go home Friday. Then, in two weeks, they will start stereotactic and whole-brain radiation.

Thanks for the prayers, they did the trick I am sure.

We'll keep in touch. I am trying to work as much as I can now while she's in the hospital so I have days to take when she's home and feeling bad from rad. or chemo. Because this is a new job for me, I am not yet eligible for FMLA so I have to use sick and vacation. Love to all of you.



I would like nothing more than to give you good news this Thanksgiving, but I can't. The final tally is one large tumor in her right lateral ventricle, 3 small lesions on her cerebellum and 1 lesion on her spine. We're devastated but looking forward, if only in small increments. After much soul searching, Suki has opted for surgery on the large tumor this Tuesday. The recommended course of action will then be gamma knife to the lesions on her cerebellum, followed by whole brain radiation and chemotherapy. She's making decisions in stages; right now, she is committed only to Tuesday's surgery. Her spirits are pretty good and she feels better than she has in 6 weeks thanks to Decadron bringing down the swelling in her brain. She came home in time for Thanksgiving dinner with her kids, our spouses and her grandbaby Levi. As lost as I am in this new world of brains, the time I've spent here seems to have given me enough of the lingo to at least follow the discussion. So thanks. And thanks for your prayers. We still need them, tenfold.

Love always,

bunny and family

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Hi Aimee,

I am so sorry to read your post. I really thought Suki was doing well. Looks like she really has a long hull ahead of her but she is so lucky to have you and a loving family at her side.

I will send prayers to her. Please keep us updated on her progress.

Maryanne :cry:

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