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Oh my God, I am in shock. I can't believe this happened so fast. Thank you so much for letting us know. My condolences to you and you're children. Greg told me several times how supportive and wonderful you were to him and how thankful he was for your help.

Please keep us informed.

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It is so sad to see that Greg is gone..and like others have said, how fast it seems to have happened.

This is never fair and there aren't enough words to type to express that.

My condolences to you and to his children...

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Oh my .. This is unbeleivable. So quick.. I am sorry for your loss. I am at disbeleif. I dont even know what to write... He was a special man.. I know Katieb really valued his friendship as well......

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I as well as our kids are so glad to see that dad has impacted so many people other than what is in the small town of Illinois. I myself as well as the kids have to thank everyone who is willing to share their diseases prognosis. My kids are just learning what all their father has had to say. I love you all for making this an easy transition for him.

Thank you so much,

Constance, Gregory II, and mom

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So very saddened by the loss of this wonderful man. I just responded to his message yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children during this difficult time. I lost my husband last December 15th so I know how hard it is to suffer a loss at this time of year.

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I am new to the board and came here not knowing anything about LC. Greg was one of the people who always responded to my posts and answered my questions, no matter how small the question was. I was always so impressed that he would reach out to a stranger even though he had his own battle going on. Only a special person would do that. His children will carry on that spirit of giving.

Hopefully Greg's family can find some comfort knowing how much he will be missed and how much he affected everyone here. He faced a disease head-on that many people aren't able to face - and he did with bravery, honestly and humor. I don't know many people (including myself) who could show the kind of strength and resolve he displayed. His strength and his humanity will live on inside the children he loved so much.

My prayers go out to everyone in Greg's family.

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Monday Dec. 8th 1:25 AM


"It was me i just forgot to log on lol........ its the pain meds doing that crap.

I sat straight up in my recliner earlier and told my 12 year old he needed to shave his mustache.

Everybody got a kick out of that one,




He left us with a smile, and a chuckle.

Thanks, Greg!!

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