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A Friend of ours, Mitchell Updated 12/05!!


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Just found this on his Myspce Blog for Mitchell Who we know as Pewjumper!!

201 lbs less of Mitchell! is going back into emergency surgery again this morning. Please pray for me.

Not sure what has happened to Kathys son but hope Y'all can spare some prayers for Him!!!

P.S. this must be serious for a saturday nite Posting and sunday morning surgery!!!!!

Thanks Randy!!

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Mitchell is updating and doing good! He says thanks for thoughts and Prayers!!

Myspace update says..

came through surgery ok but hurting a whole lot. Will post more & return emails l8r.
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This is Mitchells Myspace Blog on incidents leading to most recent surgery!!

Last Thursday, Thanksgiving was a nice day. We had dinner at home and I ate off my saucer as usual. Later that evening, I went to eat a bite of leftovers and upon taking the first bite, I couldn't even swallow it. I immediately felt a stabbing pain in my stomach and felt nauseated. No big deal, I spit the food I was chewing into the trash, and backed off.

Ok, I might've tried to overdo it there. I need to lie down.

But sleep did not come Thursday night. Everytime I would lie down, the acid in my stomach would come rushing up my throat and I would be running to the bathroom to throw up - this has not happened since surgery. I was pretty freaked out by that and the searing pain. I did not sleep at all Thursday night, thinking about what a moron I was for overdoing it.

On Friday afternoon, I finally fell asleep sitting up for a couple of hours but when I woke the pain was even more severe and the nausea was just as horrendous.

"I'm going to the hospital," I told my family. Threw on a jacket and drove. I could barely drive more than 20 miles an hour because every bump on the way was excruciating. 6 hours later in the emergency room, an MRI confirmed there was severe infection in the lower bowel and I was given a room at my home away from home, and some great morphine to make Mitchell just giddy while the pain in my stomach ravaged on.

At 4 AM, I had been going in and out of medicine induced sleep when my surgeon who did my bypass, comes marching into my room. "Get ready, I can't tell what's wrong without going in to look, so you're going to surgery."

"WHOA! That serious!? They said we could take anitibiotics."

"The risk that there could be more wrong is more dangerous than surgery. We have to know and we have to know right now. Get ready."


Back to the OR. I know the drill so great at this point, they barely had to instruct me to do a thing. Wash the stomach thoroughly, untie the gown, loose the boxer briefs. Ask for permission to keep the socks on, put in the contacts and let them know they're the kind you can sleep in (not being able to see going into the OR makes me MUCH more nervous.)

I'm much more nervous about this because of some recent events, a certain prophecy in my life, and the fact that my stomach has been screaming for two days. I was praying the entire way down the hall. Crawled over onto the operating table, laid back, shivering from the cold.

"We're going to take really good care of you, Mitchell. Start counting backwards from 10."

"I only get to seven, so see ya!"

. . . .

"10, 9, 8,. . . "

And then I wake up in recovery. Oh sweet Lord, did they play ninja with the scalpels in my belly!? It was more painful than the bypass. Immediately I had to get up to use the bathroom but knew I wasn't getting two steps from the bed. They brought me the urinal and the nurse wanted to help.

No thanks, I'll can handle that area by myself. Would you step out. I have stage fright now.


The verdict? A huge abcess (pocket of infection), several hernias, severely infected intestine all of which resulted in a partial bowel obstruction.

The doctor removed all but two of the hernias and the abcess. We're hoping the remaining hernias don't cause any more problems until I have my skin surgery when he can remove them. I spent the week in the hospital receiving unbelievable amounts of IV antibiotics, morphine, and percocet.

What caused it? We'll never know. He thinks there's a possibility some infection from my appen..omy could've creeped downstream and set up camp, but there's no sure way of knowing.

I came home Wednesday, but I am very very weak and sore. I'm on very strong antibiotics for the next month to stop the infection. I have to go back to see him next week. It was quite a dilemma and I'm a pretty sick boy.

But I'm still standing.

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