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Essiac Tea, Budwig Diet, and Rath protocol


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Hello Friends,

I just wanted to share some things Ive been researching. My father is now drinking Essiac Tea twice a day. It is supposed to be very cleansing to many organs with the lung being one of them. You can do a search to learn more. http://www.cancer-info.com/essiac.htm

He will start the Budwig Diet. Website for this:

http://home.online.no/~dusan/diseases/c ... udwig.html

This is 1c cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil.

I am slowly incorporating the Dr. Matthius Rath Vitamin Protocol. http://www.dr-rath-research.org/ I am still learning about it so I havent gone full force. There is someone who has been AWESOME in helping me learn it! The parts of the protocol I have started is the Vit C and Green Tea (in capsule form for higher potency). I still need to add l-lysine and l-proline to follow the protocol exactly along with a multi vitamin containing folic acid, bvitamins, selenium, fish oil.

Im also researching zhu ling and cordyceps which are mushrooms. Zhu ling is supposed to stimulate immune response to lung tumors and increase efficiency of chemo and rad; cordyceps improves lung function. Ive also read about N-AcetylCystene which inhibits metastases of cancer and detoxes the liver of poisons.

Im brand new at this but like I said, someone has been WONDERFUL in helping me learn.

Just wanted to share!!! Still counting on the power of prayer FIRST!!!

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Please keep us updates on things. I have read it takes 2-3 months to purify the toxins from the body. You should also consider diet. NO intake of any refined sugars, all naturual foods, those that have a high Alkaline index. (there is a book called "Alkalize or Die") . Also, "beating cancer with Nutrition is excellent - Author Patrick Quillan. He makes some very good points, and the incorporation of good whole foods into your fathers diet can only help him, not hurt him.

Please beaware that there is significant debate on whether antiOxidants during treatment catually HELPS or HURTS. I am reading more convincing aurguments that it helps.

prayers and meditation are crucial, the body responds to our thoughts.

Fore me Jesus Christ is my #1 Physician, the others rate 2,3,4 and so on.

Prayers are with you and your father... Joe

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Hi Linda,

I too have been reading up on mushroom extracts and did read positive things regarding the specific ones you mentioned (Dr. Andrew Weil has written several articles about them). I asked my doctor his thoughts on the matter and (of course!) he said that there was no "proof" that they would work, but that they wouldn't hurt me if I chose to take them but he didn't want me "loading up on supplements", he wants me getting my nutrients from healthy food. So, with that said, I am still up in the air about whether or not to take the mushroom extracts.

Feel free to PM me with any info you have on them. Thanks!

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I take a number of the mushrooms as supplements. Currently, there are many sick people (flu or somesuch) at the school where I work. My other half and two of our four children have the sickness - again, flu or somesuch. I haven't taken it - I think this is significant, so continue taking my mushroom supplements, along with some other things - I think there is a reason I haven't caught the sickness when all those around me have - I used to be the FIRST one to catch a cold and the last to get over it -

I also think it is important to eat as many veggies and fruits RAW as possible - limit cooked/processed foods and definitely avoid meat eating - I am not vegetarian but have curtailed meat intake sharply, as well as dairy. I mix cottage cheese with flax oil now - but that's about all the dairy I use -

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