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Joel's cyberkife results


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Are you ready for this..... here comes.....

His tumor is COMPLETELY gone. The cyberknife worked!!!!!!

I just found out and I couldn't wait to tell you guys.

THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT XMAS.... even though I was let go from my job.... I don't care. ITS GONE!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED.

Cyberknife was a sinch... so easy no after effects....and most of all, thanks to this remarkable treatment he did not go under the knfe for the thrid time.


Do you think I'm excited???????????????

To the group who is meeting at our quarterly outing at Kildares on Saturday.... drinks all around.....

Kasey & Fred open the PUB... CELEBRATION TIME...

love ya,


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Pub is ALWAYS open for you guys!!!! WONDERFUL news to hear.

Sorry about the job, though. That's a bummer for sure. You have such excellent skills ~ especially website type ~ you should be able to land something. We'll talk about it Saturday! Can't wait to catch up..


Kasey (Fred too, of course)

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Maryanne to say you have made my day is somewhat of an understatement........I'm downright bloody thrilled for you both.

This is the best news I've heard in a long time, I'm sorry about your job but I know that you can get another of those - you can't get any better news about Joel's health than this. Oh hell I'm going to go have a real drink, a virtual one just doesn't do this justice!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Can't get the smile off my face, I'm here alone and smiling like an idiot. Thanks Maryanne for sharing this news and giving me a reason to celebrate and SMILE.

You're the best,


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