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Ron Gets What we think is Good News!


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Ron reported to the Juravinski Cancer Clinic in Hamilton Ontario Tuesday morning Dec 03/08.

After having his usual blood work and a chest x-ray, we set off to get his vaccine and then to see his Oncologist and Lead Investigator for the Phase 111 Stimuvax Start Trial.

We were told that after viewing the blood work results and the chest x-ray, that there were no changes! I recalled that after Ron's last CT Scan and chest x-ray, we were told that there had been minimal shrinkage again of the original tumour to less than half of an inch and that is was un-measurable with the chest x-ray, so that no change would be a very good thing.

Dr. Ellis said that Ron had been in the Trial for 16 months and with himself as Oncologist for 19 months and that at this stage, Ron obviously has fibrosis and scarring in his lung which would make it very difficult any more to tell what may be original tumour or just scar tissue and that he felt that it would no longer be necessary to do CT Scans.

Judging from Ron's results, from here on out, they will go with chest x-rays, unless Ron were to notify his Doctor or Oncologist of any new symptoms or problems developing.

Ron asked how long can he continue to receive the vaccine and Dr. Ellis stated that he is aware of one man who has been on the vaccine for five years and continues on, and the Nurse that administers the vaccine said that there is a woman who has been receiving the vaccine for three and a half years (both from the phase 11 trial).

No word mentioned what so ever about "cure" or "NED" and we are fine with this as they are only words. Evidence shows he is doing well, and he feels over all good discounting obvious signs of age ha ha and aches and pains from arthritis not helped by the weight gain. He is back to work full time but does find that he gets much more tired easily, and the days of work long and full even though he loves his job. He would love to slow down I think but the good health care benefits are in his name and attached to his job.

So for now we are taking this as a great finish to the old year and a new outlook on the New Year and will go from there.

There is still "HOPE" as Ron started out as "locally advanced and inoperable", " six to eight months without treatment and 12 to 18 months with treatment " almost two years ago with this as his New Years "Gift" of 2007!

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Hi Sandy. I agree, that sounds like just super news for Ron. An early xmas present! And further, his positive response on this clinical trial is good news for all lc pateints. As you know, I was on this trial, very briefly, but I was always extremely positive about what this vaccine could do.

You are right NED and cure are only words. Ones that most docs hesitate to use anyhow. The bottom line he is doing great and continues to improve and that is just great news all around.

Continued best wishes to you both


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Hello there Ron,

Greeting from a fellow Stimuvax Clinical Trial patient.

I am so elated to hear your news. The road is long, curvy and sometimes unending but your fight has given us all that wonderful hope and support we need.

What can I say? Tremendous feelings of support for you my friend.



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Great News! The Vaccine trial I am on, appears to be working for me as well !

I think the vaccines are showing ALOT of promise. In mine (hyperAcute LUng Cancer Vaccine through the NIH in Bethesda MD ) there is just a series of 8 vaccines each 2 weeks apart, and then just observation. I liked the security of getting the vaccines regularily, but I understand that once the immune system "learns" it never "forgets" ;)

My Dr. at the NIH siad that he has patients that continually improve over time, and that the vaccines clearly extend life and in some cases the response continually grows stronger even after years. That's my Prayer.

If ther eare any Survivors stage 3 or 4, that havent had more than two different "regimes" of Chemo, please check into the study. They (NIH) pay for all travel and hotel expenses.

Joe B

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