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Here is a link to the pdf. (I hope this works.) You may have to click on the rotate button so you can read it! And that's his picture!!! You finally get to see Bruce (well, sort of anyways, eh?)

CONGRATULATIONS Bruce. Well done indeed.


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Right next to the liitle box that says find there is a button to rotate the article!!!it shows a page being flipped at a 45 degree angle!

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Bruce, what a great job. You are inspiring me. I know I can do the same with my local paper next year. I just need to get off my butt now that I'm off treatment.

I didn't know you elected to have 40% of your lung removed as a precaution. That was a really brave move and probably a smart one considering your family history. It should buy you a ticket to a lot of peace of mind.

Way to go Bruce.

Judy in Key West

P.S. So now these pics I'm keeping to blackmail you with if I need them are useless????!!!!??? LOL

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Thanks everyone

It got started when I called the newspaper and asked if they were doing anything on L/C awareness month. I know the assignment editor and they were not even aware of it. He agreed to do a story if I would agree to tell my story. I do alot of media interviews here for my employer so I am somewhat well known. I hesitated but decided to do it. No point in complaining about the lack of awareness if we are not willing to step up when given the oppurtunity. I JUST DIDN'T KNOW KATIE WAS INCLUDING THE PICTURE. LOL

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Rich (my web master) was able to flip the PDF article and take a screen shot of it.He has removed the giant ad and put a link to it on the story you did for my lung cancer awareness project.


That is the link to the newspaper article only for anyone who would like to check it out. It is not the clearest copy but I am glad to be able to provide this.

Thank you Bruce for all of your help with my own project. You are truly a wonderful human being.


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