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Happy Anniversary!!!???/UPDATE 12/9


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Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary, to me!!! Oh okay, Tom too.

Dec 5th marks our 16th wedding anniversary.

It will be the roughest anniversary ever and what I mean by that is...

I have repeatedly said that through this whole ordeal Tom has only missed 1 day of work. Well, that has changed. He has not been to work in 3 days and tomorrow will be day 4. His breathing is still not good. It is getting worse everyday. His O2 sats are staying in the 80's and he continues to cough violently. He gets such a rush from the coughing that he gets headaches and spots before his eyes. He is very weak and has only been out of bed this last 3 days to go to the bathroom. He has also not been eating and has dropped 5 lbs this week.

I have been trying to get him to go to the ER tonight but he wont go. He has agreed however to let me take him in the morning. He has also finally agreed to be admitted if need be as he can't deal with the not breathing any more. Right now he is quiet but I know the minute he moves the coughing will start again.

It has definitely been a rough couple of days with Viv being in the hospital, me being sick and then Tom.

So our Anniversary will be spent at the hospital. :cry:

Does it ever end?


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Happy Anniversary to you both. I am sorry it will be spent at the hospital but glad that Tom has agreed to go. He is a stubborn guy but one can only take so much. We all need help in getting through this. Tell him I said so, from one stubborn lc patient to another! I hope they can help him out at the hospital and then he gets home quickly and back to doing the things he likes to do.


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DEnise I am glad You can celebrate an anniversary together and for that of course I say Happy 16th to Ya even if its a little early!! Tom needs to ga when he is not feeling good ASAP. If he waits then things get worse as he is seeing. He needs to swallow his pride and by that I mean being a guy its our way of thinking . We hate to cave into our weakness, So I can relate! also let him know that sometimes the hospital is the best place to be to get well and feel better!!

Hugs and Prayers from NC, Randy

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Denise, I am so glad you can still celebrate these 16 years in your heart in spite of the tought times. That's what love's all about.

Hope the visit to the ER is productive and they do something to help Tom. He's toughed it out long enough.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks guys. Loooooooong story.

We got to the ER a little after 2 a.m. Tom's stats when we got there were

B/P 125/75

HR 120

O2 sat 75

They took one look at him and took him right back. He was put on 3 liters of O2 and his sats went up to 98 right away. So that was great. Things moved so fast so I may wander in this.

They did an x-ray right in the ER and also ordered a CT scan. While waiting for resluts they gave him a 1 hour nebulizer treatment. When they came back with the results of that they said you have a little bit of pneumonia in your left lung. So they gave him a shot of Levaquin and then came to get him for the CT. They said that this one was just for the chest to rule out blood clots and would not involve a liver scan like the one that Monday's was supposed to and he would most likely have to go for the rest of the scan on Monday. ???

When they took him down for the CT they forgot about giving the pre-meds first because of the contrast allergy. So he did not get the CT after all. Instead they did a nuclear scan to rule out blood clots which can mimic pneumonia they say.

Well because they gave him the Levaquin in a shot instead of a pill it bottomed out his BP to 82/43 so they gave him some IV fluids and magnesium and it came back up.

In addition to the Levaquin he was given rocephin and zithromax. he will also be getting a nebulizer treatment every 4 hours.

The nuclear scan came back negative for clots. YEAH!! So they officially admitted him to a room. Before they sent him up I asked the ER doc what she meant by a (little bit of pneumonia). Is that like being a little bit pregnant? She laughed and said "Did I say a little bit, I meant you have a lot of pneumonia. Straight up you have pneumonia.

An associate of the pulmonologist came and saw Tom. We were very impressed with this doctor and may be changing pulm docs. He got together with the oncologist and they changed the Ct order to invole the chest and liver as originally planned for Monday. He started the pre-meds and he will have the CT in the a.m.

WOOHOO!!! Now we are getting somewhere.

The docs had a short list of 3 things it could be.

1. Pneumonia- Which is a verified yes.

2. Bloodclots - Ruled out!!

3. The cancer jumped to the other side. A new met because there's a suspicious spot at the top of his left lung in the x-ray. Yet to be determined.

We won't know any more until tomorrow after the scan. So that my story and I'm sticking to it.

I have been up since 8 a.m. yesterday with about an hour and a half of broken sleep. Whew, am I beat.

Time for bed.


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So sorry you have to go through this especially on your anniversary but it sure seems like the docs have everything under control....for which I am so grateful for.

You get some rest and give Tom a squeeze from me tomorrow. You know that bottom line it doesn;t really matter where you spend your anniversary at as long as you are together.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thanks for writing and letting us know how everything is going Denise, despite the very very long day you have had. Yes, it does seem that you are finally getting somewhere. Pneumonia is not a good thing though, it is darn scary. So I am saying an extra special prayer for Tom tonight. I hope he is made very comfortable and that whatever treatments are very effective for the pneumonia. I hope he is being a co-operative patient! I hope you get a good night's sleep before you are off to the hospital again. It must seem very strange to not have Tom at home so hopefully that is very short lived. Take care


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Today was a better day.

The CT was done about 11 a.m. and we have no results yet. They say he should be there until Monday or Tuesday at the very least. Tom had lots of visitors today so he is pretty tired. The primary came in today and said his blood sugars are off. They were over 300 so now they added insulin to the mix. A 2 antibiotics, steroids, nebulizer and insulin cocktail. YUM!!

Tom did not cough at all today until about 7 p.m. He was sitting up on the edge of the bed and started to cough. Then he said he felt weak. So he laid down and got in a comfy position and for the next 1/2 hr he kept having coughing attacks. I really hope it is just him having a long day and not a set back. We shall see what the night brings.

I had my x-ray today and wont get results until Monday. I ended up having a coughing attack this morning in the doctors office and got very dizzy afterwards. Now this was wierd because I have had breathing issues

but I have not been coughing. Well the doctor heard me from out in the hall and came in and had me lay down because I almost fell off the table from the dizzyness. He sat me back up to take a listen and said I sounded tight. He asked me if I ever had a breathing treatment and I said no. Well before I left the office I had a breathing treatment. I also left with the order for the x-ray as well as an atibiotic, a steroid dospak and a cough syrup w/ codeine.

That make 5 meds for me. I am to continue to take the Advair 2x a day, 2 puffs 2x a day of the Combivent, steroids as directed on the pack, Levaquin 1 x a day and the cough syrup as needed.

It has definitely been another looooong day.


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Nothing much to report today as it is a Sunday. I believe we should have results of the CT tomorrow. I guess it's the Onc we have to wait for to be told the results. His regular Onc is on vacation so one of the associates will come in and tells us.

I am off to the hospital again for a little visit.

More later.


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The word is that Tom will not be coming home today as we had hoped. The doctor said maybe tomorrow. I think they are worried about the blood sugars being so high, I'm not sure. Plus he has been coughing a lot today. It is a very productive cough and the nurse said better out than in.


We'll see what the night brings.


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