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Friday's Air


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It is cold and clear here in Northern Calirornia. I am trying to get up and around today. I have been pretty slow motion after that bug I had picked up. I'm still having some problems with my stomache and a little of the frog still in my throat. I don't have a cold but acid reflux has done a number on me. I think it was the Musinex and antibiotic that I was taking.

Anyway I have decided to try and start walking again a little at a time and today I will rejoin our fitness class. I really need it but I will have to take it slow.

Yesterday morning I was woke up at 4:40 by the fire alarm going off in our building. I grabbed my jacket and purse and Misty and headed down stairs and out of the building. It was 29 degrees and foggy!! That was the last thing I needed after being so sick. Anyway once we saw there was no fire we went in the lobby of our building and watched across the way at the building where they were searching. After a half hour the all clear was given. It seems tha a lady had got up and decided to cook something and forgot what she was doing. I understand the smell of the handle on the pot melting is what set off the fire alarm.

Anyway today seems to be starting better for me and I hope for all of you. My cousin had her first chemo yesterday and did pretty good so far. I am still trying to get her sister to join here. She came to read but didn't get to the message board. Once she read about LC being a major cancer killer she was scared away. I'm going to keep trying to get her here. I know she really needs the support.

Have a good day all of you.

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Good morning all. I am staying at home today still playing sick person. I had a really good sleep last night though and that is very rare for me. I still can not "calll" to anybody in the next room (very frustrating with kids about!) and am suffering from the normal cold symptoms which now include congestion. But my girlfriend tells me she has taken the day off work to spend with me and is dropping by soon. So am guessing I will do something besides nothing. I did as close to nothing as possible yesterday. Just really really enjoyed my fireplace and peace and quiet.

We haven't got around to any xmas decorating yet. So hopefully we all feel well enough to do that this weekend. I need to get shopping as well and at least get my out of town packages out of the way. I am not panicking yet but I will be by Monday if I haven't made some pretty good progress. And that tree fluffing takes awhile!

Denise, I am sure you will keep us up to date on how today goes. Hopefully it is a very productive visit.

Lily, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

Have an awesome Friday everyone!


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Hey everyone, I'm probably going to be interrupted any minute because my daughter is due to pick me up to take me to her house in Port St Lucie. My grandson, she said, was so excited and also mad he couldn't come with her to get me--he had school.

First Denise, I hope I have time to check out how going to the ER and it's going to be a great day fit into the same post! Nice to see you here Randy, and Lily I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. Don't know if you caught my little incident recently with the gas stove but you have to watch the little old ladies when they cook--that's why God made men who cook. Pot handles stink, I know. Oh, how do I know that??? LOL And Sandra my dear, I could be your second mother. I'm so glad you are home from work again and proud of your ability to set Christmas aside for a little and rest. I'm sure having company today will help. Just don't go going crazy with Christmas the minute you are feeling a little better. See I know, been there done that but am older and wiser now. Most of the time, that is.

Don't know if only moderators need a hall pass so am not asking for one. But I will be a little scarce until mid to late next week. Cherishing my time with Wendy and Dominick.

Judy in Key West

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It's a beautiful, sunny day here. Cool/cold when we got up and about 70 now.

Denise, I hope everything goes ok at the ER and that you're able to give us good news. Soon would be nice, but I understand how long ER trips can be.

Good idea to stay home another day, Sandra. Hope you continue to feel better. Glad you are feeling better, too, Lillian.

Judy, your near asphyxiation story is really scary. My great great grandmother and her roommate died after the roomate lit a gas burner to make tea in the middle of the night. She fell asleep waiting for the water to heat. Something blew out the flame and they were found the next morning. How do I know the details? The story is in a 1917 New Ulm newspaper. She was 87, had lived in the New Ulm area for 65 years, and survived the "Souix Uprising" by hiding in the basement of a building in New Ulm with the other women and the children in the area. They had a keg of powder to light if they were found. Minnesota history can be interesting.

I'm still catching up on the laundry. Con has a terrible cold and I'm just waiting for it to hit me. Hope everyone has a good day.


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From Judy:

First Denise, I hope I have time to check out how going to the ER and it's going to be a great day fit into the same post!

That's one of these coping mechanisms we humans fortunately have, like when John McCain during an interview said "I haven't had this much fun since my last interrogation."

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Hey everybody! Yucky, rainy day today...perfect for SHOPPING! I'm just about done but still need to order some books. Also need to get back to working on the scrapbook I am doing for my brother.

Sandra, I hope you got some rest and are feeling better.

Denise, I hope you post some good news soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.


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Judy - The ER and Great day fit like a glove today. How?

Getting the stubbornist man in the world to admit he need to go to the hospital is a feat in itself and we will end up getting the CT scan and results a week earlier than expected.

That to me is a great day. :D


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