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chemo for christmas


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Greg has been off the chemo since September. Had scan in september and small 3 small nodules on his oppisite lung which happened while undergoing chemo.We were waiting to see if anything came of them..Scan sceduled in January(hoping to get throug the holidays.) Early october he had a cold then he had a pain in his rib that was unbearable and making it difficult to breath. We went to ER before colombus day wekend,CT scan showed nothing new unable to explain why there is pain shceduled bone scan again no answers lungs are clear and why is ther pain nobody knows.. had a Ct scan again in this week at the ER (pain inhis side again having difficulty breathing the nodules have gotten bigger and the original tumor got bigger as well. Now we know what the pain is from.. Oncologist suggested that radiation would work for one spot that was causing the pain in his side. Two weeks of radiation at most will get rid of that nodule. He is to start chemo and avastin monday before christmas 08.. for the rest of the tumor/and nodules.. What a fall he is having a hard time hearing 3 months off cisplatin.. How long does this ringing last anyone?? I know everyone is different just looking to be able to talk to my husband from more than two feet away and the tv doesn't have to be on full blast...

ALso Gregs aunt was just diagnosed with nsclc and she is terminal. She was hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs and then she got the news and there really isn't anything they can do .Drs thought that she could do some chemo just to jeep it at bay but she got ill really fast and is not doing well at all. Never smoked was in good health til recently. That on top of chemo for christmas this a little tough. Drs said it wasn't hereditary and we all had some relief that maybe our children or his family wouldn't have a greater chance of getting sick ..then his aunt... Not sure must be something in the genes he is young for this .

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So sorry to read this update! I hope the new chemo will do the trick for your husband!

I don't have any answers for you about the ringing in the ears but I KNOW there are some members on the board that have experienced this. Maybe you can try the search option at the top of the page and try entering ringing in the ears? Also, Dr West's site, cancergrace.org is an excellent resource and he is very helpful in answering questions.

Sending you lots of hugs and postive thoughts


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Hi Tammy. Am so sorry to hear that your husband has to go back on chemo. I had to do similar not too long after what was successful 1st line treatment. Unfortunately with this disease good news can sometimes not last very long. And I know what a hard fall that is, and that it takes awhile to get back on the fighting bandwagon, but fight we must. And man, he is still suffering from the ear ringing. I had a few leftover symptoms from cisplatin and etoposide but not the ringing of the ears. Hopefully someone else can come along who experienced for a longer period like your poor husband. The side effects of what we have to deal with can be very debilitating.

I am not sure how young your husband is. But I do think that there are some cases, like myself, where we are genetically predisposed to get it. Smoker or not. I was only 43 at diagnosis and I know several other young women, smokers and not who have gotten it.

So sorry to hear about your aunt as well. Double awful terribly depressing news heading into the holiday season. I hope everyone gets their chin up soon and gets fighting. You will, because you have to. And you will also enjoy the holiday season the best you can.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time.


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