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Saturday's Air


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To all my nutty friends.

Have a great day.

I am up and running again this morning. I will go to the doctor to pickup and x-ray order for me that I asked for last night when the doctor came in to see Tom. My breathing is not much better yet either. So better safe then sorry. Then it is off to see Tom.



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Denise, good luck to you and to Tom. The squirrels are adorable and I love a massage. Morning Randy--oops, afternoon that is.

My ten-year-old grandson, Dominick, never fails to amaze me. I'm staying with he and his mom and she just left to take him to the karate school. We'll be joining him at the civic center later where he'll do a performance with the demo team and then march in a parade. Before he left he said, Nonie you missed the Saturday Air. I'm thinking how does he know about that? Must have been when he stayed at the coach with me in early November. What a kid. So here I am. If the kid reminded me I'd better stop in and say hi. They are wearing me out as usual but I've demanded being dropped back here after the parade BEFORE they go to friends house. I told her they could stay as late as they want. Just let me lay on the couch and watch TV and veg.

Have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Good afternoon all.

I hope you and Tom both have a good day Denise and things start to turn around for the better.

Yes Judy, 10 year old boys can be quite wearing but they sure are cute and fun to watch!

Hope you had a lovely dinner Lynn.

Big day for us here....we have a new family member, his name is Rocky, a 3 month, 4 lb maltese-pomeranian...so cute! I think I feel some exhaustion coming on...a husband, 2 kids, a cat and now a puppy! My cold is getting better but I am still laying pretty low...as low as I can with all this action! And I still haven't done a darn thing to get ready for xmas!

Oh well, it's all good!

Have a nice evening everyone.


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Hey Y'all. LOVE the squirrels Denise!! I had to work today and then went to a friend's house to watch football. OK, I went for snacks cuz I don't watch football and I'm on lots of steroids.

Sandra, congratulations on Rocky! My avatar is my pomeranian Reuben. He was worn out this evening by my friend's 9 year old boy! And that says ALOT because Reuben is wild!!! Please post a pic of your new guy!

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