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A survivor's moment


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My 12 year old son is a huge animal lover. We got a cat about 8 years ago as we knew it would be a lot less maintenance than a dog. We got our cat from the SPCA, and he has been a strange neurotic cat from the day we brought him home. But he is part of our family and we love him.

My son has begged and pleaded for a dog for years and years and we have kept on saying not yet, timing not right, etc. etc. Despite being big dog lovers we just kept shying away from how much work a dog would be.

So friend by friend, my son watched as other boys received dogs into their families. He never complained but was has been very consistent about asking for a dog over the years. He will play with others dogs for hours and hours.

So finally, before we left on vacation we decided that the time was now to get a dog. My son could really not believe it after years of no... not yet.

This week we took a few visits to a pet store and fell in love with a 3 month, 4 lb maltese pomeranian. My son held him in the pet store for the first time today...and looked at me and said..."this is our dog mom". I teared up big time.

His name is Rocky and he is so cute. And I am overcome with the joy of seeing my son and his dog.


ps the cat is nowhere to be found!

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We waited a very long time to get the kids a dog, and did so after my husband was diagnosed with heart disease (15 years before the Lung Cancer diagnosis)....Anyway, it iwas the best move we ever made....She was just wonderful and we loved her (a beautiful golden retriever) like another child til the day we had to sadly put her down. Dogs are amazing. My dad used to say, "every child needs a dog." Enjoy your new puppy.

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That's terrific, Sandra — so happy for your family!

After we lost Hannah (the golden pictured below my profile) we vowed "no more pets" — I was still debilitated from the Taxol/Carbo, and my wife had not only me but also her mother to care for. But as my strength slowly returned and nothing else horrible was happening to the family, we started to have second thoughts. Actually, it was my wife more than me. After a few months without canine companionship, she began to abruptly stop her car on the shoulder anytime she spotted a golden being walked, then run across the road calling "may I pet your dog?" She did this numerous times, fortunately without mishap, so eventually we began looking for one of our own. A neighbor in our cul-de-sac had a beautiful 2-year-old golden (Nikki) that we greatly admired, so we put in a reservation for a puppy from the next litter and resigned ourselves to waiting.

Then the breeder's misfortune became our blessing. They had about 8 dogs, were starting to get noise complaints from neighbors, and were being forced to downsize. They had been keeping Nikki's littermate for future breeding and asked if we'd be interested in having her. It was love at first sight, and Rosie adapted to our family with amazing speed. She's a real sweetheart, eager to please, in great health, and for her part gets the bonus of frequent romps with her twin sister. The ultimate win-win.



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Sandra - from the 4 pet household (2 cats/2 dogs) I know you will have many funny stories to share in the days ahead!

Has the cat shown it's face again yet? If it is anything like our cats they are now best friends with the dogs - the four of them are like their own little neighborhood "crew" ... all the other dogs in the neighborhood know that these two cats are off limits when they are out playing as they have a big brother (who just happens to be a German Shepherd!).

I know you gave this as a gift to your son, but I am pretty sure he will be a gift to all of you. Enjoy your newest family member Sandra.


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Thanks for all your thoughts.

Linda, you are right. Here is the first funny story. We asked for the male at the pet store, there was 1 male and 2 sisters. Hence the name Rocky.

We took Rocky for his first vet check up today and the vet kept referring to him as a she. So I corrected her and then she corrected me and acquainted me with the anatomy of a female dog!!! We were quite shocked but there is no way that sweet baby is going back now.

I phoned the pet store, who had also given us the medical records of the male dog. And they questioned how that happened?? Well I sure the heck didn't know. The guy on the phone wasn't even that apologetic...just said I could come exchange the dog if I wanted to...yeah right!!!

Similar happened to me a number of years ago. I was out with the kids and bought a male hamster and named him Diggy. About 10 days later my husband came down and informed me that Diggy was a girl. I asked him how he knew that and I was told that there were 10 babies who had joined her in the cage!!!

The puppy's name will remain Rocky...now short for Rockette!

I will send pics when time permits.

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Good luck with Rocky. He will be your son's companion and I am so glad for him and also all the other members of your family.

When we bought our kitten (at the time) we were told it was a male. My daugher named him Axel ( from Guns and Roses) and the vet also kept calling her she. Well he was she, so we changed her name to Kelsey and we had her for 19 years. She passed in June. We miss her so much! Joel just does not want another one yet. He was not a cat lover but Kelsey became his companion when he was diagnoised. Strange, she would not leave his side and she always was with him. I was just someone who fed her. :roll:

Its been also 6 months since she left us and we still miss her so much. Sometimes we think we see her. Strange.

Anyway, enjoy!

Maryanne :wink:

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