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update on our Kildar's luncheon and Ginny


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Just an update... we had our quarterly luncheon at Kildar's. Not exactly the same without our Ginny. But nice to see everyone who came.

Some of us stopped to see Ginny at the rehab and she is doing GREAT. She still has that great sense of humor and just made us laugh. She is doing so well that she actually walked us out with her using a walker. All this after only one week of major surgery with a steel rod they had to install that took 7 hours compared to the 2 hours she was told it would take.

She is one tough cookie! Amazing... I know she will be back on the golf course in no time. At least now its cold and not golfiing weather. But the operation really put a cramp in her extremely busy social life of hers. :cry:

It was great to have Karen her husband Craig and their little son Cory join us for lunch. Looks like little Jack got a new friend in Cory. Jack is 4 and Cory 3 1/2 they were adorable together.

But our Ginny is doing great and I know she will be up and walking on her own much sooner than later.



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You guys made my day, such fun. But the best part is that all of you are doing so well. This is the best gift of the season.

I am sorry I missed Ellen and Karen and her family, but will meet them again in March.

Fred, if you publish that picture, we will need to talk.

Kasey, the hat!!!!!!!!

Jack Brennan, you are so cute and so good. I know Colleen, I only see him for short times.

Joel, you are our poster child for technology.

BTW, Joel fractured his femur when he was 13 - 6 months in a body cast. I have a rod,

my grandson thinks it's a 4 iron, some plastes and screws and they had me out of bed

on a walker in 2 days.

May this same technology flow to lc.

Thanks friends for a fun afternoon.

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A very good time was had by all!!!! There are pics, BUT our waitress stood way too far away. I'm not sure it is even worht posting ~ can't really see us. For Some of us (that would be ME) that may be a good thing.

Ginny, about the pic. I didn't let Fred post if YET. We'lll send it to you for approval. I understand!

And just in case anyone reading this is ever in the King of Prussia, PA area ~ this Kildaire's has taken VERY good care of us for our 4 luncheons. It is a very cool Irish pub with great food of all kinds and drinks. It's right in between the gigantic mall and the turnpike entrance. So do consider patronizing it if in the area.

Next get together in March with the date to be announced. I know there are some more of you guys out there not that far away. Fred and I drive over an hour from our house and Joel and Maryanne and Karen and Craig about the same from their direction in NJ. Believe me, it is well worth the trip. And there is always the shopping at the biggest (Ithink) and best (I think) mall on the east coast.



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If you post that picuture Fred I think Ginny will take longer to heal as everyone she comes in contact with will see that picuture in their mind and you she'll never live it down., (tee hee)

I sorry that our friends out there have no idea what we are talking about. So Fred & Kasey should we show everyone? OOPS I think someone shot me the bird :shock:

Seriously Ginny for what you have been through you look marvelous darling :wink:

Relax and heal. At least try to relax if you know how. That will help you to heal. Take advantage and let others do for you, :D

Take care my friend,

Maryane :wink:

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fun as always....nice to have karen and her family come...even nicer that Jack had someone to run wild with upstairs....how about the people at the bar downstairs saying...ahhhh haaaaa...that's what all the noise was....lol

Kase it would appear you and Fred made it home safely...I'm glad, I was worried about you to...I should have had you call when you got home...

Lunch at Kildaire's couple bucks....

Visiting Ginny in the hospital...free

Having that picture Fred took of her in the hospital bed....PRICELESS..

I'm glad we got over to see Ginny too....we pretty much stormed the building like a herd of buffalo...lol people all looking at us like what the hell...

I was surprised, pleasantly at how well Ginny's doing...Gald to see it Ginny

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