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Here we go again.


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My husband had lung cancer 3 years ago this month. He had part of his lung removed and he has been great. He had no chemo or radiation. He is now 67 years old. We went to the doctor last week and we were told that his lung now has 2 "spots". The doctor said he does not know if this is "old" cancer or "new" cancer. I know I should have asked questions but I was in such shock I could not do anything. He is scheduled for a pet scan in the morning. I am terrified. I don't know what to say to him.

My best friend who helped me through this horrible ordeal 3 years ago, has passed away 18 months ago with lung cancer. I am so lost and so scared. I can't imagine how my husband of 18 years feel.

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Hi there. I am so so sorry about your need to post here. I just can not imagine the shock you must be feeling after 3 years of being clear. But, you have come to a place of many caring people who have lots of good information. The beginning again will be so very tough for you, but as I am sure you felt the first time, once there is a plan in place to fight this beast again, you will feel a bit better and can focus on that. The PET scan will be very valuable in pinpointing exactly where it is and the docs will be able to come up with an effective treatment plan after that. In the meantime know that there are many here who have walked in your shoes. Please keep us posted on test results, the treatment plan, and how you and your husband are doing. And take good care


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Having been told of something noted after three years of our loved one being without evident disease is a hard pill to swallow. It has to be a shock.

I could not add anything to the excellent information Sandra posted, except maybe to write down any questions to ask of the doctor when you feel stronger. I know it is not easy, but it can give you a feeling of more control.

Taking someone with you at the initial visit after the tests come back might be helpful.

Our niece, who is an oncology nurse, was with us in the room when the oncologist spoke with us four years ago. Her ears were more apt to pick up things we might have blocked out due to stress.

Hope you take care of yourself and know that you are not walking the walk alone. The members here are wonderfully adept at helping with support and information. I would be lost without them.

Sending positive vibes to you, and wishing you all the best,


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Hello and welcome to "the family"

I am so sorry you had need to be here but I am glad you have posted and joined us. I am sure you will find this site to be a big help and a wonderful source of information, support and HOPE.

I agree 110% with writing things down. Get a note book or a small organizer and write EVERYTHING down. Your questions, the doctors answers, test dates, etc. Ask for and obtain copies of ALL tests and keep a detailed record of any and all medications and treatments. By keeping all of this in one place it will be so much easier to look back and provide information to anyone who may need it.

Keep posting here. Lean on us and let us help you. There is always someone around here who can offer up some wonderful advice or even just be here to "listen" when you need to talk or vent.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and you husband,


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Welcome. Hope we can help.

You say he has 2 "spots" ? That sounds treatable. Did they do the routine screening tests also, like bone scan etc. Agree this is a traumatic conversation to have with your Doctor, you need extra ears , note book or recorder with you.

Keep us posted.

Donna G

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