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Well, hospice has stepped in and they have been wonderful. I think I am lucky that we have such a great hospice program. I am very thankful for the help but this is just sooooo difficult. It seems to be going so fast. Today she was hardly communicating. I talked to her anyway I just hope she can hear me. She has become just a shell of the mom that I know. I always new that this was going to be very difficult but It feels as if my heart is breaking....slowly! She wanted to see her grandkids open presents so we moved Christmas to Saturday the 13th and I am not sure she is going to make it. I want to wake up. I want it to be a nightmare......I already miss my mom. I miss her and she isn't even gone. I want someone to fix this because this can't be happening!


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I wish I had the answers but I dont! I just want to wish you and the family and of course Mom my thoughts and prayers ! Go ahead and talk talk talk tell Mom everything you and the family want to tell her. She can hear you......Enjoy every day that you can!!!

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I am so sorry things have gotten this bad so quickly. Please keep talking to your Mom, she can hear you and I am sure it is a comfort to her to know you are there.

I wish I had more words of wisdom for you or some words of comfort to make this easier.

Keep leaning on us and know that we are here and we care and we get it..

Much love and many hiugs and prayers


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