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Just a short note to say that the 7th of December was one year since I had the VAT procedure to remove the upper left portion of my lung and at this point I am doing extremely well. Still have a little cough at times but that seems to be getting better. Consider myself a very lucky man, particularly with the support I have received from my wife, Inez, family, friends and this wonderful support group. Inez and I want to wish all a very happy, healthy holiday and new year. There are a lot of problems out there to solve in this world, but if you do not give up, keep fighting and in particular, be your own advocate and share the good and the bad with others you will be just fine. Thankyou all for the love and support you have shown us.

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Congratulations to you on your upcoming one year anniversary. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting. I have a little further experience with cancer, as I also celebrated my 5 year anniversary after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and my PSA is now 0.03. Much better than 12.5. You just have to keep looking forward. Have a great holiday.

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I would like to let individuals know that if they are ever in the position where they cannot fend for themselves in the area of nutritious food, that they are able to make use of the non-profit organisation, Meals on Wheels. Obviously they rely on donations, and have amazing volunteers who deliver cooked meals to one`s door. For those who are able to pay, a minimal fee is charged for the meals, but for those who do not have the finances, this service is free of charge. It may be for a short period of time where one just needs that extra support, or even for those who need their services on a more permanent basis. There are so many elderly,or frail people out there who enjoy this service.

I was fortunate enough to spend a morning with them whilst delivering meals, and its amazing to see how people look forward not only to receiving their meals, but to have the interaction with the warm hearted and friendly volunteers who have built up quite a friendship with them.

Nutrition is so important, to help ward off illnesses and also when fighting or recovering from any illness, which in fact leaves us with – at all times.

If you would like to find out more about this organisation, or perhaps you may need their services, you can visit their website on www.mowglobal .org

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