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Okay, I am just going to assume that this is good news.

The doc's office called with my x-ray results and they say that I have minimal infiltration. I asked what they meant by minimal infiltration. She said that I must have had pneumonia and compared to the last x-ray I was getting better.

Now that was about 2 months ago that I had that last x-ray and I did all the meds that I was given. I never had a follow up and the breathing never got back to what it was.

When I went back to the doc Friday after Thanksgiving they said I had asthma and added the Advair on top of the inhaler I still had. I stayed sick on top of that and stayed home with Tom a few days last week. I had the new x-ray on Friday and now they say minimal infiltration.

So do I really have asthma or is it just lingering residual pneumonia? They never did call me with the results of the first x-ray 2 months ago. So I never really new for sure that it was pneumonia.

The getting better part sounds good though.


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Before I went up to see Tom tonight I stopped by the X-ray dept and asked for copies of my last 2 x-ray's.

Now the one from July states: Clinical information- Diagnostic Code 786.2 Cough.The peripheral lungs are clear. No active pulmonary disease present.

Saturdays states: Clinical information - Diagnostic Code 482.9 Bacterial Pneumonia Unspecified and Asthma. Frontal and lateral views of the chest are acquired and compared to the previous exam on 7/14/08. Minimal infiltration appears to be present medially at the right lower lobe.

Now I do not claim in the least to be a doctor but how does that qualify as getting better? To me it reads as the exact opposite.

I suppose I will continue to take the Advair, Combivent, Steroids, Levaquin and Promethazine syrup w/codeine.

I am suppose to follow up in 6 weeks but I am going to the hospital early as the doctors told Tom they would be in early. I will try to clarify the results then.


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No kidding Lynn. It has been a very stressful week. When the doc came in to see Tom this morning I went over my results with him. He said Rita must have been fried out that day when she called me. He said you have pneumonia and we are treating it.

So there it is out of the doctors mouth. I HAVE PNEUMONIA.


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