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Wednesday's Air


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Well, I've gotten our virtual room cleaned of the old stagnant air. It has come time for me to leave the rig again in the morning. Not that I've been around much lately but I'll surely be more out of pocket across the next two weeks. I will travel all day tomorrow and begin work again on my house first thing Friday morning. I will start with the paneling, where I left off and then do wall paper, then I will start on trim work and while I'm working on trim work, I will get the carpet guys in there to re carpet the house. Once that's done I can begin moving stuff back in the house and hopefully be living in it again by Christmas. Then, of course, I'll be returning to work Christmas eve night and will arrive back on the rig Christmas morning. Y'all wish my luck and if I don't talk to you before then, my friends, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Will, wishing you a very Merry Christmas whenever you and your family celebrate it. My husband has been away many a holiday and special event and I know it's not easy. I am hoping you are successful in getting your wife back in her home for the holidays. I'm sure that's what she wants more than anything. Is there a chance you will get a real break and rest anytime soon?

I'm back in Key West after a visit with my family and don't see a Monday Air. I'll try to see that doesn't happen again but I'll be on the road again in a week or so. I think your back up needs a back up.

Have a good one, Judy in Key West

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LOL @ backups. You tickle me with your fretting, Ms Carefree. Perhaps January or February will be good for resting, Judy. You know?, it may be somewhat of a disguised blessing. It's been a well known feature of mine throughout my life, that I tend to function, mechanically, extremely well under stress. The greater the stress, the more profound my success. I think of it as the prey syndrome. The greater stress placed upon an animal of prey, the more adept they become at surviving.




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Merry xmas to you and yours will. Yes you are a busy guy. Best of luck in getting your house in order and your wife back to your home.


ps I actually understand your mentality. I get WAY more done when under pressure and timelines...very productive. I have operated that way for SO many years and have had trouble adjusting to being sick!

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