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Tom made it home earlier this afternoon. He is on 24/7 oxygen at this time.

The home healthcare company dropped off an oxygen concentrator and a nebulizer system. We also have a portable with a cart that he bought home with him from the hospital and 6 extras in the garage. I think he is set in the O2 dept for a bit.

Med list includes but is not limited to...Prednisone 60 mg daily, Zithromax 500 mg daily, Cefdinir 300 mg 2x daily, Glyburide 10 mg 2x daily, Robitussin AC 2 tsp every 4 hours and the nebulizer 4x daily.

He will be so drugged up be he is happy to be home and I am happy that he is home.

Tom will follow up with the Doc in 10 days.


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Thanks Randy and Lynn. The concentrator surely is a new sound that I will have to get used to. It has a humidifier attached to it so I hear water all the time. Maybe if I close my eyes real tight, I can pretend that I am sitting on the banks of a babbling brook. :lol:


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Hey Denise, I'm a bit late but wanted to say how glad I am that Tom is home!!! I hope he's doing well on the O2. We did it several times with both of my parents. We had LONG lines so they could go from one end of the house to the other. We also got the smaller portable tanks that could go on the shoulder like a purse (I usually carried them) because the big ones on wheels are sometimes hard to manage. And the last time Mom had O2, we had a Hellios system that we could fill the portable tanks ourselves. VERY nice and much better than calling or going by for refil tanks.

Hope things are still good!


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