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An Update on an old friend of ours!!


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Last nite I decided to jump ion chat with Bruce and help out and see who showed up! :wink:

I was very surprised to see our old friend CARLEEEN show up !! :lol::lol: Those of you who do not know Carleen and Keith had a love relationship that ranks with the best!! THey were soulmates and when Keith passed Carleen sank into a deep dark hole!!

A friend of hers moved in to help out with the Mortgage and the bills of the House She and Keith designed and built! Well it turns out She is happily married to him now! She travels globally 3 out of 4 weeks a month so is a gal on the go!!!! She joined us from AMsterdam last nite or 4 am in her morning there!!

She is also signed up to become a foster mom! She wants to be a mom in a bad way so.....

I am glad to see life has handed her a good hand cause she deserves it!!! :lol::):D:wink:

P.S. Randy is about 3/4 of the way out of his deep dark hole !!! Sold My cow for now!! :wink:

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Oh Randy...your post made me cry some happy tears this morning. I am so glad to hear that Carleen is happy and doing so well. We all could feel the love Keith and Carleen shared through her well written words. If you ever meet up with her online again, please give her my best wishes for a happy life.

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Randy - that is such great news about Carleen - she and Keith were the "real deal" and I am so happy that she was able to find happiness again (although I'm not surprised because she is such a great lady)! Best wishes to her always.

Randy - glad to hear you are on the way out of the hole - almost to the top my friend.


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Ya know Randy, I don't know why but I really felt that something would happen between her and their friend who moved in with them. I'm thrilled she moved on with her life and is happy and traveling at best!

I wish her nothing but happy times and a child.

Tell Colleen if you happen to talk to her again that I'm so happy for her she certainly deserves it.

Maryanne :D:wink:

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