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Thursdays Air


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Whats going on with the Air this week?? I know I haven't been around much lately either, but.. whoo...

I am getting ready to go to La Crosse to do our xmas with Matt's family. i took Russel for a haircut today, and I also got one myself.

I got the kids xmas present today too. a Wii system. I am excited to play it too. LOL..

Well gotta run.


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Hey Shelli, I'm here. I think it's all this Christmas stuff people have to do. I know between playing catchup after being away and getting ready for the holiday, I'm having a hard time fitting the site in. I even missed the air two days and THERE WAS NONE ON MONDAY. Will says not to fret LOL.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Key West

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I'm here too. Just way too busy. Did a big presentation for our corporate board and my new boss today. My voice is still suffering from my cold and the board members were quite amused with my quietness. We are also very busy with our new puppy. Still haven't gotten very far with xmas at all. I am not panicking yet...

Off to my 2nd night of band concerts soon...

have a lovely evening everyone


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