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Cancer Assesment


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Good Morning everyone,

Well we had our first consult with the doctor yesterday. Mom as non small cell lung cancer. We do not know a stage yet as they still have 2 things they want to do.

Tuesday - Pet Scan

Thursday - surgery to biopsy lymphnods around her wind pipe (most of them are swollen)

Friday December 19 we go back in to get all final results and treatment plan.

We all knew in our hearts that mom had lung cancer...but I guess it is still a shock when the doctor says it. I can't stop crying, my heart is broken, I am so scared.

Anyways I will keep you all posted

Thank you for your well wishes.


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Hi Monique. You are right. Knowing it in your heart and actually hearing that confirmed verbally with a doctor are two different experiences. The 2nd being very devastating despite what you already thought. Hang in there. Get through the procedures and on to a treatment plan that you can focus on. I am sending you strength and hope.


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