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Saturday's Air


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Hey everybody! I have been getting ready for the carpet guy to come and put new carpet in my bedroom. I'm pretty excited about it because I am not doing it myself!! And thanks to my furkids, the existing stuff is pretty nasty. My house is a wreck with the bedroom stuff stowed all around but it is definately worth it.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!


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Leslie, Glad you have something positive to focus on today. Hope you are a happy clam at bedtime tonight with spanking new rugs.

My husband and I have double social events today, rare for us. We're having lunch with our old investment group who are letting us hang on without contributing while I'm fighting cancer. They are a great bunch of people and one of the men in the group calls and keeps a check on anyone who is not well as the group is a bit aging.

Later we'll go out to dinner with neighbors we see often. Maybe we'll even catch the Lighted Boat Parade. Haven't done that in years!

Have a great day everyone. May not catch you all again until tomorrow.

Judy in Key West

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Boy Blue. I sure would love to have new carpet in my bedroom too.

It has been a lazy morning. We all including Jayla slept in until 9:30 this morning. I made breakfast and now we are just chilling out watching abit of the tube.

Have a great day all.


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Hi all,

I am in La Crosse again for the weekend, we are doing an early christmas with Matt's parents. Everyone else is at church, but Russell and I,.. he "needed" a nap, but that has not happened. :) Hopefully he will make it to the gift opening and not be crabby!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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