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Phone message from Christine (MsC1210)

Connie B

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Hi Friends,

I know several of you have been concerned about our Christine (Chris). Well, she just called me and told me she is just devestated and in SHOCK over the Ice storm that hit them. She said it's like a War Zone. She has heat and her hubby Frank went into town and got a generator so they have electricity. They have no clue as to when they will get power back. She said all her tree tops are gone and trees were cracking all around them and snapping off with a horrible sound. She said, you just can't believe this or imagine how horrible it is. POOR CHRIS and all those that live in that town.

She has taken pictures but is unable to share them with us as of yet. She will when she gets back on line. But for now she just has her I-phone and it's to hard for her to type on that. Her mom lives 20 miles from her and her mom's area didn't get hit. So depending how long this goes, Chris did say they might be going to stay with her mom in time to come.

Keep her in your prayers. She said she'll take all she can get right now. I'll keep you updated if I hear more.

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Thank you Connie for passing my message on. I am still using my cell to do this but wanted to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers and well wishes. When I am able to post pictures it will underscore how devastated this area is. As far as I know there have been no injuries etc anywhere near here. I pray that will be the case when this nightmare is over.

Thanks for all of your concern. It means a lot to know that we are in your prayers.

Please keep my son in your prayers as he has been activated with his national guard unit and is somewhere in Massachusetts doing storm clean up and providing emergency services to people who need it.



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