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I'm still alive!


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Hi, everyone.

I'm so sorry about not having posted in so long, but during the past three months, I've grown increasingly fatigued and since I hate to do anything "half way," I've not been up to "proper posting."

The fatigue is definitely tiring (pun intended)., but as you can see, I've not lost my sense of humour. :D

In the meantime, the good news is (as my subject states): I'm still alive :D:D

And more than that, because I'm still pain-free, I still have Quality of Life, which-- as those of you who know me will realize--is the best part of all. :D:D:D

I have changed my regime during the past 3 months, including twice weekly Vitamin C infusions of 75 g each, plus 50K of Vitamin D daily (orally) until I became toxic, at which point I dropped to 10g daily, which is where I am now. I was using VIBE machine, but have been to tired to make it there lately (getting to Vit. C infusions has been hard enough). I also began drinking 2-6 oz. daily of MonaVie (acai berry), but one "Catch 22" I have discovered is that the more fatigued I am, the less likely I am to keep up with my exercise, nutrition and vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement regimes.

This past week has been better in terms of fatigue,* and that means my regime is improved, too, so that's great... leaving me only with the guilt I feel for not having written sooner.

Hope you are all doing as well as can be expected and then some!

With love and affection,


* My hospice doctor refused to concede that I was suffering from cancer fatigue until she had ruled out all other possibilities, one of which was that my adrenal glands had "forgotten" to measure and manufacture Prednisone due to my being on supplemental Prednisone for so long (19 mos), which dosage I had dropped (as scheduled) in early October. She was right and so this past week has been better (YEAH!!!)

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Hi Carole. It is so good to hear from you and that you are doing well. And most importantly putting yourself and your quality of life first. I of course am praying for your fatigue to get better. I hope to hear from you again soon as do many others on this board.



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Hey lady, glad to see you felt well enough to post. People ask about you alot but it was really good to hear Katie say you'd arranged to have someone let her know if you were really doing poorly. Helped me relax and appreciate that you're still living your life and doing it your way. Stay well.

Judy in Key West

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Well Carole - howdy my friend! Thank $## you didn't lose your humor 'cause you are one funny lady. BTW, what is proper posting (just so I don't make a fool of myself by not understanding the rules!)

Seriously, I am really glad that you are still dancin' in the streets (albeit a waltz thrown in every now and then due to fatigue). Pain free and quality of life - how fantastic is that!?!? I wish you that always.

Also, as to your hospice doctor - she sounds somewhat like you - a smart cookie who wasn't letting it go (like a dog with a bone they say). Glad she was right and that the relief from the fatigue was easy to fix.

Take care and know that I think of you often,



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Thanks everyone. Great to hear from you all. I'm still doing well with fatigue--a little bit more this week due to my Mom having been here for a few days (she just flew out last night, but we got in a "mini-Xmas" while she was here), but will now have a few days to rest up between now and Xmas (which I'll be spending with family, including daughter and grandkids).

It's been puree miserable here weather-wise the past few weeks (weekend before last we hit MINUS 18 degrees, which is the coldest on record for here since 1901) and my daughter and I have actually been talking about treating ourselves to another trip (I know, I know, each time I take one I say it's my last :D).

In fact, Judy, we noticed that it's supposed to be 80 degrees in Key West on Thursday so watch out! :lol:

A "proper posting," Linda, is one in which I write in full sentences that make sense. LOL.

Love you all and happy holidays to everyone,


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--George Carlin

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Hi Carol,

Great to see your smiling face. You have not reason to feel guilty for not posting sooner. We all go through these stages. You certainly must have been absolutely exhausted as you always found a way of posting before.

I am so glad you are feeling stronger and will be spending Christmas with the family.

Have a great holday and of course a HEALTHY one.

Maryanne :wink:

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