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Mom with possible lung cancer...


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I am so lost and confused...

Just found out at the end of February that my mom had a couple of spots on her left lung… as if that isn’t bad enough… she also has very SEVERE COPD. The worst part is that back in Oct 2002 she went to Emergency and had a routine lung x-ray and there was one spot on the x-ray and the report was sent to her doctor. She seen him many times after that incident and he NEVER SAID A WORD TO HER… god, I can’t believe that doctors can get away with this… I wish I knew what to do…. How can they make such a fatal mistake? This is my mothers life!!! I am going to meet with him in May when he gets back from vacation...

She was sent to a lung surgeon, he said that he is 90% sure its cancer… the spot in October 2002 was (that was never mentioned) was much larger than it is now… but now there are two spots. Does anyone know if this means anything?

I am looking for anyone else who has lung cancer with severe COPD…

I am an only child and my parents split up a while ago… so I am the sole caregiver… :(

Please help!



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Dear Kelly,

I am very sorry you may need to be a part of this board.

I had a Dear Aunt with COPD and in my opinion, COPD isn't much better then Lung Cancer. However, my Aunt did have COPD for about 9 years before she passed away at the age of 74 just last year. My Aunt was on Oxygen 24/7 for her last 8 years. Is your mom on oxygen? We also learned with my Aunt that because of her COPD her heart was also working (overtime) so to speak, and the right side of her heart had become enlarged.

I did have a very very dear friend (like a second father to me) who had COPD, and lung cancer. However, he also passed away 3 years ago at the age of 82. What are your mother's doctor's doing to determine if she has lung cancer? Please understand that COPD is also a very serious lung disease all by itself.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Well the doctors are sending her for a series of tests, bone scan, chest x-ray, lung capacity test and also seeing a few other doctors tomorrow. They want to see if it has spread because she has a lot of bone pain in her shoulder...

What were everyone's symptoms when they got diagnosed? My mom is horse (sp?) she has been like that since 95. She also had shoulder pain in 97 but just back in October 2002 she had terrible shoulder pain... we thought because of all the years working at a computer... She also has had trouble eating certain foods, fish and rice... only happened twice... She also had a lot of headaches for about 6 months on and off... she told the doctor about all of this and he just sluffed it off...

I know COPD is very serious disease.. that's why I am so scared because she has two strikes against her... no she isn't on oxygen... god only knows why... she can't walk anywhere... not even to get up and get a coffee - she'll be out of breath!!! I hope this changes...

Are there any survivors who has had COPD and Lung Cancer? Anywhere?? She is only 63 years old... very thin... 97 lbs....

I just don't know how to help or what to do...



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Hi Kelly,

My Mom sounds like your Mom. My mom was never formally dx'd with COPD, but she's always been short of breath if she does too much and always had a bad cough. She's 63, and is now 120 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches. She gained from being 113 pounds.

She started with pneumonia in 11/02 and when it didn't clear up her doc sent her for a catscan which revealed Small Cell Lung Cancer. She got much sicker before she got better. She ended up on Oxygen 24 hours a day, "tumor" fevers, couldn't hardly move around, etc. But in early Feb. she started chemo and has made a complete turn around. She's off the oxygen, is getting around well, drives, goes to the store, out to eat, does laundry etc. So there is lots of hope!!! I promise you!!!

I too am an only child, and my Dad passed away 10 years ago (sudden heart attack :cry: )so I completely know where you are coming from in that department.

That must be so maddening to you that her doc never said anything about the spot on her lung earlier!!!!! I would definitely say something to that doctor!!!

I will add your mom to my prayers. You are not alone, we're here. Your mom is going to survive!!!! Be strong for her, she'll need it!!!

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