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Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer


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My mom started out with Adenocarcinoma with an unknown primary, stage 4. It took about three years and she found out that she had lung cancer (they are still unsure of where her primary tumor is though). Now almost four years later, the oncologist has further defined the type of lung cancer she has as Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer. I have done some reading about this type of cancer but I would like to hear from individuals who have this type of cancer or know of someone who has this type of cancer.

When she was first diagnosed (almost 4 years ago) with an unknown primary, stage 4, and a pericardial effusion, they gave her 3 months to live. Now they are telling her Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer is probably the best type of lung cancer to have (if there is a best type to have!!). Mom is doing really well other than when the chemo had her feeling bad for awhile. Otherwise, she is upbeat and working all the time.

Once again I would like to hear from individals who have Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer or know someone who has Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer. I would like to know how they are doing and what types of treatments they have had. Thanks!!


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I have that subtype of andenocarcinome as well.

Brochioavelor Carcinoma or BAC as it is more commonly termed is a highly differentiate form of andneocarcinoma and is also the kind most commonly seen in never smokers.

There is a List Serve dedicated to BAC that you can sign up for e-mail exchange with others that are BAC patients.lung-bac@listserv.acor.org

They are very dedicated to research around BAC. The progonsis is a bit better than with other forms of lung cancer with some individuals having pretty indolent type of disease.

There are others here with BAC as well (it can actually be varying degress of andeno carcinoma/ BAC mixed histologies. Tarceva works best with BAC tumors. BAC may be associated with a virus as opposed to environmental exposure as evidenced by the fact that BAc has been found in sheep and the root cause they believe is viral.

Another member here is Lisa O has lived over 6 years and has remained stable on Iressa.

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Hi Blueangel,

I was diagnosed with a solitary non-mucinous pure bronchioalveolar carcinoma in May 2006. It showed suspicious for cancer on CT scan (due to slight growth on x-rays over 3 months), but was negative on PET scan; however, due to concern that it was either a BAC tumor or a carcinoid tumour my surgeon elected to do the VATS procedure in June 2006 (it was in my left lower lobe 1.8 cm). After pathological dissection he decided to remove my left lower lobe. I have had good check ups to date.

There is very little known about this subset of lung cancer, and there can be drastic differences in the path it takes. The fact that your mom was diagnosed almost 4 years ago speaks volumes I would say.

Dr. West (www.cancergrace.org) is an oncologist in Seattle who is quite interested in BAC and has written some very good articles on it. He also answers questions (in a more general way) and is a most helpful and valued friend to all.

There is also a lady who lives close to Washington who has Stage IV BAC (diagnosed about 2 years ago) who has a daily blog - very interesting reading. Her name is Doreen and the website is www.cancersurvivor2006.blogspot.com and writes under the heading Life is Good: Hosted by Rick and Doreen. If you don't feel hopeful after reading her journey I would be surprised. There is also a gentleman (just remember his blog was named Bo versus BAC) who ended up having a lung transplant. Sorry I don't have the web site handy but it should be easy to find if you type in the above.

Anyhow, I likely don't have the exact same variant of BAC as your mom, but we are out here. Your mom sounds like she has a great attitude and good support - very important things.

Take care,


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Hi Blueangel,

I have BAC (Bronchoalveolar Lung Cancer) also. Was diagnosed May/2002, chemo from Dec/2002 until Dec/2006 and have been staple since. It usually is slow in developing and usually is contained to the lungs but keep in mind everyone is different. I tell people all the time (as odd as it sounds, not that anyone wants cancer) if you have to have Stage IV lung cancer BAC is the one you want. Right now lung cancer (go figure) is the least of my problems and it's other health issues that are causing me problems to say the least. Hope this helps, feel free to PM me anytime if you have any questions or want to talk.


PS: Click on the link below if you want to read more about my treatments etc.

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