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Monday's Air


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BRRRRR! It is absolutely freezing here. Below zero and much colder with the wind chill. Very very uncharacteristic weather for us at this time of year. The snow we had on Saturday will definitely be sticking around for some time.

I have no meetings scheduled at work today so I am not going in. I am going to stay home with my warm fire and start writing my xmas cards. I have to admit that working part time and choosing my own hours is pretty nice sometimes! I also get to choose what I want to do at work, even better. Everyone is just happy to have me there and are very appreciative of whatever I do to help out. I am very lucky.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are.


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It is FRRRREEEEEZZZIIIINNNGGG here too! I am not sure of an actual temp, but I am pretty sure its below zero.. such messed up weather we are having. It was really cold on Friday, Sat and Sunday warm and almost up in the 50's and today, below zero.. ehh I just know that I hate winter!

Went out to finish some shopping and that was enough for me. I am going to grab my blanket and watch some TV.


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O.k. Randy already followed you freezing ladies with 70 degrees and a barbeque, so I don't have to feel too bad--it's 78 in Key West and we have the air on. If it makes you feel any better, we had to put the air on this morning, not because it was so hot but the humidity was so high.

My husband and I have been busting it. I wasn't going to get anymore decorations out but he started on the porch so I had to get some of the boxes down anyway, soooo.....

I'm whupped. We're having dinner (again!) with another neighbor tomorrow night and I have to decide whether I'm going to go buy a dessert to take or make one. I used to love to bake and make desserts but somehow now I lack the incentive and the energy.

I'm out for the count. Have my wine and am going to snuggle on the couch. When I'm done on the site, I'm done for the night. Hope I get home tomorrow night in time for chat.

Have a great evening, Judy in Key West

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Well I am with the first guys, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It was -8 degrees farenheit this am when we had to go out and shovel snow !!!!

It has warmed up now though ----------all the way to minus 2 degrees!!!!!!!. I just shoveled the driveway near the street because they finally plowed the street after we went to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O my, winter is yet to come officially 12/21. Wonder what this is?

Donna G

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I don't know what the temp was this moprning for me. All I know is that my car doors were frozen shut and I finally got in the drivers side. I could hardly chip the ice off the windows and had to sit and wait for them to defrost. While trying to get in my car I ripped off a nail down to the quick and was bleeding a bit. I got in my car from the passengers side and forced open the drivers side door. BIG MISTAKE!! I should have left well enough alone because I could not get the door the close again. I actually drove half way to work holding the door closed before I was able to pull over again and slam it about 10 times to get it to finally close. I lucky I didn't break something more than a finger nail.

Now I am about to go out and get in my car to go home. I hope I can get in and my doors close properly.


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I'm home safe and sound minus Jayla. I decided it was too cold to be dragging her back outside and she was better off to stay put and stay warm. I only had minor trouble with the car door but I got it to close right away.

Stock Girl was officially fired last week after she finally got sloppy and went 3 days as a no call no show after 2 months of playing (I'm under a doctors care). That goes down as job abandonment.

The kicker is that they do not plan on replacing her anytime soon due to the economy. :evil:

It was quite busy today as our dept of 7 was down to 4. It was about 1:30 p.m. before I realized that I never took time for a break or lunch and had nothing to eat or drink. I was not about to go in my car and pick something up. So I went to our vending machine with my $5 bill and it told me to use exact change. I had about enough to get a bag of chips and that is what I had for lunch. I finally had some dinner and feel better now.

What a day huh?


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I know I'm late to chime in but we had a balmy minus 42 with the windchill today. Vehicle got me to work and back - thankful for that! I think my fingers finally thawed out enough that I can now clutch (although clumsily) a wine glass filled with my favorite red beverage. Temps tomorrow are supposed to be much nicer - only minus 18 (including the windchill) ... that, I can handle no problem.

Hope everyone is warm and cozy in their homes right now and hoping Chris gets some power in her neck of the woods soon.

Night all,


BTW - it is not so nice to rub the leaves and shrimp on the barbie in people's faces Randy! :lol:

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