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-My daughter got a ticket at 16, two months after getting her license. She called crying, thinking I would be mad.

-My daughter totaled her $8500 car a month later, single car accident, with only seatbelt bruises to show for it. I’m still $600.00 in the hole but it’s amazing she is alive.

-My water was turned off, forgot to pay the bill

-I was without power for a night, see above.

-Two days after my daughters accident someone backed into me with a trailer hitch, knocked a fog light out and dented the bumper.

-My boss told me I wasn’t nurturing enough to my staff.

-Several thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen from my grandparent’s property Dad and I own.

-The ceiling in my bedroom caved in because the roof had a leak.

-The next door neighbor’s dog tore through my newly screened porch.

-16 rolls of toilet paper came up missing from my house. Only my teen, my dog, my cat and I live here. Nobody knows what happened. I didn’t call the police but we are now using Taco Bell napkins.

-My 12 year old mutual funds took a huge dump.

It’s all small stuff, without mentioning running out of gas, getting stuck in a ditch, computer crashes, car repairs, broken mirrors, $1000 cell phone bills etc.

If no one died as the result of something, it’s all small stuff to me.

My Dad and Teri's Bill said it best: “it is what it is”. Though I grieve deeply for my Dad and I may have jumped off a short pier, my stress level is close to the zero. I don’t care. Death is finality. I can’t fix that. Everything else is manageable.

I often look at the people I am surrounded by and think, we are all here at this one moment and I treasure the simplicity. My senior year of high school, while I was being awarded the “best buns” award, I felt the underneath of the desk I was sitting at. I thought how the moment would vanish and the seat with the gum under the table top would be gone from me forever when I got up to leave.

Lung cancer has changed my life forever. I lost the most important person in my life. I'm not determined to lprove anything from my experience. If anything positive can come from such a loss, it's as many of the survivors on this board express:

Live for today, enjoy the enviroment. Nobody promises us a tomorrow.

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