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Just wanted to say a quick sorry to eveyone for not being around quite so much this past week or so. The four of us have been hit with an awful messy stomach virus and just plain sick. My responses have been a bit slow and I've been slow to post and mail (electronic and snail mail)

This is actually the first time we've all been sick at the same time and it hasn't been fun at all.

We've muddled thru and are on the mend.

I'll be up to speed soon,. Thanks for your patience.


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Just feel better real soon. I brought a sick grandson home on Friday because I didn't want to disappoint him. He was on the mend by yesterday (he'd already been sick a week) and my husband and I hope he didn't pass it on to us before it starting leaving him!

Judy in Key West

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Hi Katie

I hope you are all feeling better.

I had a horrible stomach virus that I thought was food poisening. Horrible dry heebs and my stomach just would not stop wrenching. It was awful!! I actually took a pillow and blanket and slep in the bathroom. As it would start over and over again. As this was going on when I was wrenching I got so hot and when I was done I had the chills.

Then the next day I was exhausted that I slep most of the day. That following night Joel got it, so we knew it was not food poisining.

Hope you are all on the mend!


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