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Friday's Air


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Weeelllll, we got about 5 inches of snow so far and it is still f







The sleet was just starting after I got my car cleaned off and was going back in the house.

It looks like I will be taking the slow boat to China this morning.

Be careful out there anybody affected by this winter storm.


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We are in the mist of Winter Storm Dawn... we got about 3 inches overnight and its falling hard now and it is also really windy, which makes it all the more crappy. Matt shoveld the steps in front of the house before he left and 20 minutes later you couldnt even tell! Well it looks like I am probably stuck in the house to day as the plows havent even gone by yet, and even if they do... I really wont be going anywhere as that usually plugs up the end of the driveway.

People here in Oshkosh have been writting letters to the editor of the newspaper complaing about how fast the plows have been driving and that when they go that fast, they throw snow on to the already plowed/shoveled sidewalks. There has even been reports of snow/ice flying from the plows and breaking windows on houses.. Yikes!!... I do agree.. they kinda go by pretty fast!

Well.. I guess I have no reason not to clean today, so that will be my plan.

Have a good day everyone!

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Hi there!

The snow hasn't started here yet but they say it is coming. Shelli - we don't have the snow plow problem because we live on a private - dirt road and the plows won't come down! So when it snows we just drive up and down the road with the car to pack it down - if it snows alot we stay home. My only concern is my daughter is supposed to be traveling home by train from Boston this evening - and - I still have a ton of shopping to do!

Stay warm everybody!


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still BRRRR. Minus 7 celsius this am and a wind chill of minus 17 expected today. Honestly, since I have moved here we have not had such a streak of cold weather. We haven't had any more snow in a few days but they are saying there might be some more today. I guess the weather is really hard to predict here because we are right on the coast.

I hardly slept a wink last night. Some nights I have good pain control and others I do not. So I have just driven my kids to school, have cancelled my work meetings for this morning and am going to try (puppy permitting) to get a few hours of sleep before going into work this afternoon.

It's the kids last day of school today so the fun will really begin.

I hope everyone out there stays warm and safe and has an awesome Friday.


ps Maybe Patti will check in with us today and tell us about her weather.

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I'm not really all that worried Bruce. Honestly, most people here would attest to which of Santa's lists I am on. The nice list of course! And I am not sure Santa gives naughty folks a break, even if they have been affected by brain freezure! He is just better able to keep a closer eye on them way up north!

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Hey Y'all...I'm sure sorry you're all snowed in. I won't even tell you what the temperature is here. :D

I'm getting my house ready for my Aunt and Uncle that are coming next week to stay with me for Christmas. I am pretty excited about their visit. My Aunt was my Mom's sister and she lost both of her siblings in 6 months of each other. So it's good for both of us.

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