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Lung Cancer was on "Extra" TV last night


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Was flipping thru the channels last night and accidentally stumbled across a bit on lung cancer on the gossip tv show EXTRA.

They had an "expert" answering questions for viewers about lung cancer. He spoke about how lung cancer was almost always related to smoking.

Then he said enthusiastically, "if found early, 90% of lung cancer is CURABLE." (insert cheesy lipsticked-grin)

I don't know about anyone else, but if I were the average joe I would think

1) I don't smoke and I'm not around smokers so I'm not at risk at all and

2) if I get it, they'll catch it early and I'll be cured no problem!

I wasn't impressed at the piece at all and want to encourage everyone to submit their comments to that show that what they aired really downplayed the lung cancer epidemic, downplayed the at-risk groups and the fact that those with lung cancer have little funding, little treatment options and that it's very rare to find this cancer at an early stage and that a staggering number of people are dying from it.

http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2008/12/l ... bout_l.php

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Yes, I will be putting in my comment to that - definitely.

Thank you, Katie, for being so watchful. It isn't difficult to miss these "gems" on the tv. They are so few and far between and usually filled with very questionable data.

Our GP said that they really do not know all causes for lung cancer. He does not assume Bill got it from that.

I agree. He was also a firefighter for a few decades (burning paint particles, horrible roach powders within apartments, and not to mention the asbestos).

What they are really saying, IMO, is that they would like to see the numbers go down so they could ignore it even more so without as much guilt (assuming they have some guilt).

Money for lung cancer research is abysmal.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank you all for your efforts.

As a "lay person" who may never have been touched by LC, I wouldn't think twice about this show and think- dang, I'm SAFE....and not ever think about LC again.

What this type of press does is give the public a false sense of security. The kind of security all of us had before lung cancer knocked us upside the head and turned our world upside down.

As advocates we don't want anyone else going thru what we went thru- we want to educate others.

As concerned citizens we want the public to know that ALL OF US are at risk and it isn't simply a smoking related disease.

As someone whose lost many people I've loved and cared about with lung cancer I want the public to know that this is an EPIDEMIC- lung cancer is the deadliest cancer killer and there is little funding and little treatment options- SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE so that no more will suffer as we have.

**Sorry. As you can see this one is still in my craw. (And I've never said "craw" before) LOL.

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