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Going to Italy!!


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I wanted to tell everyone that my family and I have decided to spend 9 days in Italy over the New Years break. For the first time in 2 and a half years I feel pretty good and have so missed my trips to Europe.

I have a great Aunt that I love so much and her health is not well and I really want to see her and am soo excited to have the opportunity to see her again. This trip was so spur of the moment that we have not yet booked our hotels. All we have done is book the tickets and the rental car, but I feel like I'm embarking on a great adventure. I will also be turning 43 years old while I'm on my trip and I thank god, all of you and my doctors for getting me through so far. You can still sometimes enjoy life with this dreaded disease even after so much bad stuff happens to you. I'm still very happy about my life.

I wish all of you a happy holiday and much love to you all.


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Oh Lilly................so very happy for you. You have certainly had many challenges thrown your way. I am overjoyed you are feeling pretty good and ready for an adventure. May you enjoy more than you can even imagine. And Happy Holidays to your whole family ~ a very happy birthday too. You have NO idea how your post just lifts me up.


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Wow, how great for you and your family Lilly. And spur of the moment is probably best. I had a chance to go to England in February but had time to talk myself out of it!

I am jealous too. I've been trying to get a trip to Italy for a few years now. I also have family (in Sicily) but have never met them. It was one of the things I always said I wanted to do before I died--so can't do that any time soon, die that is. Got to go to Italy first. Be sure to fill us in on all the highlights. I'll enjoy vicariously.

Judy in Key West

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