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An early Christmas present

Yorktown Linda

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When is a lung infection a good thing? Today!

I went for my chemotherapy this morning and my oncologist said he thought that my cough might indicate an infection. He put me on levaquin and postponed the chemo until next Tuesday.

That means that my trip to Philadelphia should be easier and I may actually to eat and taste (!) Christmas dinner.

He also said that the infection might account for my CEA tumor marker continuing to rise. Personally I think that’s happy talk but we’ll find out next week. I have a CAT scan scheduled. I don’t think my New Year’s present will be as good. I keep you all informed.

Enjoy your holiday!


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Hey Linda, That's AWESOME NEWS! It's funny that we look forward to hearing anything other then that it might be the cancer? :roll::shock: Infection is a GOOD thing for a cancer patient! :wink:

One of my In Person LC Support Group Members (who passed away 3 years ago) use to get so excited when he would end up with anything NON RELATED TO CANCER. He had a disc in his back that crushed and I'm not kidding you, he called me from the hospital and this man was just THRILLED it was a crushed disc and NOTHING to do with his lung cancer. He also one time had a bleed ulcer and again, he was thrilled it wasn't lung cancer. He was a Pillar of Strength and SOOOO POSITIVE & HOPEFUL. He was a stage IV and lived for 4 years and 9 months. He wanted to make it to five but God had other plans for him. But, if it's not cancer, it's a GOOD THING! :wink:

As for the levaquin, I've been on it and it's a very powerful antibiotic. It also is noted to cause yeast infection. Drink a LOT of water with this pill. It's kills bad bacteria and good too. I had to take it with food. And I'm sorry to say the levaquin the last time I was on it made me nausetated.

Hang in there, and know I'm cheering you on.

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Linda, Congratulations! You bought a reprieve for Christmas. I used to go for my infusions every time hoping for some reason (like blood in the urine) they'd have to postpone it. A couple of times I even tried inventing things but nothing worked. Here's to good new again for the New Year. Let us know when you get that scan.

Judy in Key West

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