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Just thought I would let you know I finally got my phone and internet restored this evening. It's been such a surreal experience to live through this devastation from an ice storm! I've had the chance to speak to several out of town utility workers, some of whom worked on the huge ice storm in Quebec a couple of years ago and some of whom worked on the Katrina disaster. All of them agree that although this was not as wide scale as Katrina the damage was similar in severity.

We are very, very fortunate to have the power and phones back so soon. There are still many people in the area without either and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

I am going to take my time and try and read through the 12+ days of posts that I have missed but am going to take some time to decide how active I will be now. My time "off" has given me some new perspective.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,


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Hi Christine. Glad to see you back. My prayers also go out to others in the area who are not back up yet. Yes, I am sure going through something like that does give you a change in perspective. Makes you think of many other things versus what your life was like before that. Good to know you are safe.


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Oh Chris, I have NO DOUBT that what your living in is SO DEVESTATING!! Maurie & I got caught in a snow/ice storm in Oklahoma a few years ago, and that was HALF of what you've been dealing with. When we were in it, the entire town was closed down for 3 days and that was UNREAL to us but they didn't lose power in most of the area. So, I'm SURE what your going through has to be pure HELL!

Plus I have been seeing on the weather and world news that you guys are still getting hit with ton's of snow on TOP of all that ice! :shock::shock::shock::shock:

I can NOT imagine. They did say on the News that they had no idea how long it would be before some of those people get power in your area and outer cities.

I am SO GLAD your okay and things are starting to turn around for you. This has already been a crazy winter for so many states, but you guys really got hit! :cry:

Glad to have you back. It felt empty not having you here. ((((Chris)))))

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