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clinical trial alimta and possibly herbatux unless placebo


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Greg is going for testing to be part of a clinical trial involving alimta ahich will be given and herbatux which may be given. He just got diagnosed with pneumonia hope he is better for christmas.. HIs spirits are at really down in the dumps.. He hasn't felt well though has been off Chemo for 3 months. Had a week of radaiation to get rid of a nodule causing pain in his rib. waiting and hoping htat helps the pain. The Dr thought he might have to spend Christmas in the hosp.. luckily his blood cell count was ok enough to go home but be cautious. Hopefully he will feel up to visiting family tonite if not tomorrow he should be.He is going for cat scan mri and bone scan Friday so he can take part in this trial. Then we meet after new year with research nurse to schedule treatments.. Dr seemed encoured about the trial and said we could use avastin and taxol as a back up. He just wants some quality of life because he hasn't had any in months. He is talking about throwing in hte towel but he keeps treking.. Thank GOD!!! Just wanted to know if anyone has had sucess with either of these treaments..

Thanks ,


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Hi Tammy. Sorry that hubby hasn't been feeling too great. This treatment stuff can really take the wind out of your sails. But he is still willing to keep on trekking. I hope he gets approved on the trial and pray for its success. I hope he is well enough to get some joy out of the season. Merry xmas.


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