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In Memory of.. Bart Ziggy (Greg)


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Thank you for all the support you have given. We will all miss GREG so much. The funeral is at 10 am Thursday.

In lieu of flowers, GREG requested memorials be made to his children's trust fund at Altonized Federal Credit Union (4435 N. Alby St. P.O. Box 246 Alton, IL 62002) Again thank you for all your prayers and we look forward to hearing from someone whose been there.

The Gaithers

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So very sad, to lose Greg, just takes the wind right outta yea, :(:(

He will be missed by many, my thoughts and prayers go with the family

just so sad!! Hate this disease!!

God bless us all

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Born 10/07/68. DX 3/10/03 SCLC (limited stage) Started Chemo on 3/19/03. Completed 6 rounds of vp - 16 and carboplatin on 8/8/03.Completed 33 radiation treatments7/22/03.Ct scan on 8/26/03 shows NO DISEASE! Completed 18 PCI treatments 9/30/03. 10/17/03 CT shows tumor present in right lung.10/21/03 PET scan lights up like a Christmas tree. Further CT scans. Recurrance confirmed by biopsy 11/14/03. MULTIPLE METS to Liver 4 lesions, right kidney,right lung,lymph nodes in both sides of my neck with one against my carotid artery.Paratracheal nodes,subcarinal nodes in my chest,and some sort of involvement in right ribs.Hospitalized11/24/03 bad reaction to cisplatin. Dehydrated,infection right lung, possible pneumonia, 100 % better now. Took treatment today 11/28. CPT-11 only. Hopefully it knocks the crap out of these liver mets.


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greg, is my brother he was a great guy. i didnt know how many people he had helped until i got on this web page. i love him very much. i just cant believe he is gone. iso him so much. but i will alway remeber him in my heart. mary

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Oh man, this news just knocked me over. I am overwhelmed with tears. Maybe it's because Greg was just so real all the time and with that pic of him and his kids you just really felt like you knew him. The post he wrote about his own father's battle with LC was so touching, and I take some comfort now in thinking that he and his dad are together again--without any pain--able to help God watch over those two dear children.

Mary, please know that folks are keeping your family in their thoughts and prayers. We know your walk and feel for you.

Karen M.

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I know Greg wouldn't of lived the way he was having to live. He gave it one heck of a fight. He was on here hours before he died. I know his family and it is so hard for them. Words can't heal their hearts but your nice words help. Please continue to remember them in your prayers..Thank you

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