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Sunday's Air


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Good morning all! Surprise surprise I am here in Port St Lucie all alone in my RV (my husband left for work up north about 3 am) and "I'm so happy" just slipped outloud from my lips. I was pretty miserable yesterday, just worn out from all the holidaying I guess. With my hubby leaving, it seemed I wasn't going to get much of a rest when I got here. I have the trip to the eye doctor tomorrow and my trip to Orlando the 30th or 31st. Well, I finally realized the trip to Orlando is not a good idea for me right now. It dawned on me tomorrow will be a long day. I'll have Dominick back and drop him somewhere, probably the Karate school, and then drive the hour to Boynton Beach where the eye doctor is. They will probably dilate my eyes again so I'll have to hang around til it's safe to drive back.

I was going to my son's the 30th or 31st and coming back in a day or two (three hour drive each way). I had offered to babysit for NY's. I felt bad when I thought I wasn't going to do it, but my son offered me an option. If I don't feel up to driving there, he's off work until the 5th so they'll come down here for the day. He has to run it by his wife so I'll call today but am hoping....In the meantime, I got about ten hours sleep last night and lightened my travel load so all seems good.

Everybody have a great day. I'm going to the boards and see if I can check up on posts.

Judy in Key West

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Good evening to everyone. I could not let Judy's post be the only air of the day.

We had a wonderful xmas here...a white one, so god bless whoever sent that my way!

We have been very busy with friends, at ours and others. I've got 2 dinner parties planned tomorrow and the next evening, and then a Mexican themed New Year's Eve. So plenty to do for me!

I hope everyone is having an awesome xmas season. I know some are headed back to work tomorrow with then another bit of a break around new years.

May the joy of the season continue for everyone.


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