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Happy Birthday Ginnyde!!!!


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Bar stools - no problem. And I was not born until 9:00 pm so I am still 65 for another 7 hours and I am holding on to every minute.

Leg is doing great. Medical science is amazing. I am driving and walking without a cane more than with the cane. Treated myself to a manicure this a.m. - my nails were so long I looked like Howard Hughes.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I send New Year's wishes for all - health and happiness and a cure for this damn disease.

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MISSED your big day!!!!!! I'm sorry :cry: . Hope it was a wonderful one ~ all safe and sound and UPRIGHT in your own home! Ready for golf yet! Anyhow, glad to hear you're coming along. I'll respond about lunch on that thread! And hope it was a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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