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Has anyone heard this?


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Well, for those of you who know me we are still trying to get to the bottom of Dad's coughing. He had a test to check for acid reflux and has been taking prilosec for the past couple months now. He said his coughing is much better but the test came back negative for reflux. He lung capacity is excellent. However, now the woman my dad is dating told me the pulmonologist said the x-ray had shadows. But she made it sound like it was pretty common to see these kinds of shadows in tall thin men which my dad is. Has anyone been told this? What would the shadows be? I am kind of freaking out because I was under the impression the x-ray was clear and that was why we moved on from the pulmonary doctor to the GI doctor. She must not have been too worried if she didn't request a CT scan, right? We are pushing dad for a scan.

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No, the woman my dad is dating is actually a home health nurse. She has been great about keeping on him about getting to the bottom of the cough. She even arranged his other doctor appt.s with his primary doctor. I think she just knows we will all feel better after he gets a scan.

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