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I'm ranting a bit


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Thank you all for the wonderful replies to my post about yesterday on how it would have been my dad's birthday.

Did I hear from any of my siblings yesterday? No.

Today I get a mass e-mail from my oldest brother about how TODAY is my mom's 2 yr. death date anniversary. Huh?

According to something he read, today (on the CHINESE calendar) is equivilent to January 22 on the American calendar and SO that makes TODAY my mom's 2 yr. passing anniversary. He had talked to my sister today and then to my other brother so his explanation for that was that MOM wanted them to contact each other TODAY because it was her anniversary...


Forget that we are not Chinese- not even close!

Forget that my mom didn't pass away in China!

I wrote back (which I never do) saying

THIS makes no sense. Mom didn't die in China she died in Texas. And yesterday would have been daddy's birthday. That must have slipped ya'll's minds while you were looking at the Chinese calendar.

I'm still shaking my head.

My siblings are totally insane. Nuts. Bonkers. Wack-o. Freaks.

OK. Just had to get that off my chest.

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I can only laugh, Katie - it's too crazy and weird to do anything else. I gotta say, I think that just took top honors in the crazy sibling category. If your mom was trying to tell them anything at all, they certainly were unable to translate it.

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Katie, looks like they have no clue. Are these people even related to you? Where the heck did they come from? I think thye are implanted from another world into your mom. :?

Iam sorry about your dad. I missed that post. Hope you feel better today.


Still shaking my head too. Chinese???

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I am really sorry :( that I missed the posting about the anniversary of your Dad's birthday.

Your relating about your sib's message to you is not all that unusual, it's just another proof that we can choose our friends, but not our .........

Forgive me, Katie, but it made me smile. I think there is a bit of eccentricity :roll: in most everyone's bloodline. In some, it runs in families, and in some it gallops.


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Hi Katie.

Sorry for the rough time you're having. We can't choose our relatives, y'know.

To make SOME sense of what your brother said, I was wondering if your mom was of East Asian or Southeast Asian heritage? The Chinese calendar is used by many of these cultures to mark traditional holidays and perhaps births and/or deaths. I can tell you for sure that, among Jews, deaths are recorded and remembered according to the Jewish calendar, for what that's worth.

Hang in there.


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