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Wednesday's Air


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Good morning everyone. The sun is shining but it was a chilly 63 degrees when I got up this morning. For the first time this trip, I put the heater on in the RV.

I need a little rant! My daughter, the same one who drove all the way down to Key West to bring me to her house not long ago, pulled one last night. I had told her to pick Dominick up after work last night because I needed a night and day to catch up on some paperwork. I also told her I wanted to do live chat at 8:00. I expected her about 7:30, she arrived at 8:00. I reminded her of chat but she sat down talking. I finally said I'm going on line and she said that was fine. Then I realized she was waiting for her boyfriend who was stopping by to give her something. He did and I announced I was going to be rude and stay on chat, that I had given her three days notice! He said something like "you do whatever works for you." They didn't stay but the whole thing got me riled. I've had my grandson for 12 days and she can't even give me what I need one night. Thank you for listening. Now on a more positive note.

My friend from NJ who hosts the PJ party weekend for a bunch of us girlfriends from High School sent me this with a UTube recording of The Earls singing "Remember Then."

May your New Year be filled with friends -old and new. And may you continue to get up and dance every day after lunch.
At our High School, every day after we ate lunch, we'd go to the auditorium and dance until the bell rang to go back to class. I love it!

Have a great day, Judy in Key West

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Good morning all. Our snow is slowly disappearing but we have certainly had a good spell of winter. It's a bit warmer now and slowly the bits of rain we have had are melting it.

I have been busy hosting 2 dinner parties in a row. And am following that up with a Mexican themed New Years party tonight. Probably 25-30 people but all are bringing food so mostly just decorating for me. I always say that though and know darn well it is a pile of work! Oh well, it will be fun.

Happy New Year everyone and all the best to you and yours.


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We did our daily shoveling of snow this morning. The temp was - 7 F, don't even want to mention what the wind chill was. This afternoon the temp is up to +7 F and the wind has died down, the sun is shining and the sky is a gorgeous blue!

Donna G

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Hi guys - we are in the middle of a big snowstorm today. My daughter had big plans to go to New Jersey for a party - but had to turn around after about 15 minutes because the roads were so bad- she is NOT a happy camper right now!! I just braved the snow and went grocery shopping and am now going to hunker down with a cup of coffee and some fudge!

We celebrate the New Year with ice cream sundaes and board games - then a tiny sip of champagne - because we like it much better in our orange juice tomorrow morning!

Judy - I haven't been on much lately - but today I was so moved by your consistent "air time" Thank you for keeping it going!!


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